Clarification strands of hair in the home-
 In the summer so I want to have clarified strands around the face! We found some very original recipes.

Of course, the best way - is to go to a salon or buy a suitable paint. But maybe someone will want to check out these interesting ways?

- Fruit or vegetable juice to lighten . Some juices of natural fruits and vegetables even have hair lightening properties. For example, lemon juice. By the same methods include tomato puree or papaya.

- Clarifying Homemade pasta . It is necessary to mix the lemon juice with honey, and then this paste will keep for 15-20 minutes, and the juice has evaporated quickly, as in the first recipe.

- Another way enhance the action of lemon juice - the sun . It should be applied to the strands of lemon juice (juice by two-thirds - one third of the water) and keep in direct sunlight.

- Hydrogen peroxide   - A way of clarification, proven by several generations. 6% solution can be purchased at any pharmacy. To enhance the action peroxide can add a few drops of ammonia (be careful!). Leave on the hair for 20-30 minutes and rinse well.

- Vodka and sun. Apply locks vodka with lemon juice and Stay in direct sunlight at least an hour.

Attention: home remedies only work for blond hair and thin. For dark hair should refer to the special paint.
Author: Julia Gnedina