Daily tips for oily skin
 Women with oily skin to some extent, luck. The signs of aging they appear much later than those whom nature has endowed dry skin. But there is another side to the coin - the tendency to acne. Check to see if you're doing the right thing for your oily skin? And then you can enjoy the advantages that gives your skin type.

• Clean the skin with nekomedogennymi detergents. When washing the pores open and they need to be cleaned of dirt and bacteria, and comedogenic means clog pores. The right thing to start cleansing with warm water, wash your face with warm water before applying cleanser, then - nekomedogennoe cleanser, tonic and complete all, it makes the skin more bright, mattes, and is preparing to make-up.

• For oily skin, wash with detergent can be 2-3 times a day.

• The moisturizer requires any skin, including fat. Make sure that your cream is specifically designed for oily skin.

• Use a primer before applying the tonal foundation and eye shadow. This will help the makeup last longer. If you are on the eyelids skin is very oily, then before applying the shadow, place a layer of foundation, then the eye makeup will be more stable, and the skin is not to shine on the eyelids.

• In order not to provoke acne, use products labeled cosmetics «oil-free». Keep the hands as apply makeup. As little as possible to touch the hands of the face during the day. Dirty brushes and sponges can also cause acne.

• Your skin type loves make-up powder. Unlike dry skin, oily on the powdery means never look like scaly skin, and do not give so-called "effect of the cake."

• If during the day shine annoys you, always take it with blotting paper. It can be used on top of make-up, and even after the application of powder paper napkin can remove excess sebum without affecting the makeup.

• If you have pimples or acne, the skin in these areas should be applied to a very thin layer of foundation.

• Apply blush with a brush, but if there are pimples on the cheeks, it is best not to use blush.

• eyeliner and mascara do not bring trouble to girls with oily skin, well-liners glide and applied evenly.

• For acne, apply concealer and then tonalnik, one foundation is not able to cope with camouflage problem areas.

• Do not use products with shimmering or sparkling particles.

• Women with oily skin can use lip gloss or balm without a layer of lipstick directly on the skin. Because the lips are well moisturized and shines will not dry the skin.

• The cooling spray with mineral water for the face - your product. It does not spoil the makeup, but will help to freshen the face.

• Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, limit yourself to a fatty food - it is also useful to control the oiliness of the skin.
Author: Julia Gnedina