Drying hair dryer: What should I know?
 Despite warnings about the dangers of stylists hair dryer, very wise to abandon this device, we can not. Agree to go out with wet hair - not the best solution, especially in cold weather. That means we need to make drying hair dryer become as safe as possible for them.

We have four tips for you:

1. Pay attention to power. The higher the capacity of the dryer, the hotter the temperature, and the drying process is faster. Stylists recommend home-use hair dryer with a capacity of 1800 to 1850 W for a speedy outcome, then the harmful thermal effects will be as short as possible (professional hair dryers can have a capacity of up to 2000 W).

2. Choose ion technology. Ionic hair dryers accelerates the drying process up to 70%! In addition, this hair makes hair smooth and does not overheat them. The idea is, that the negatively charged ions help evaporation of water from the hair, so hair will not scalding. Use less heat and, therefore, receive less damage to the hair.

3. Use the modern hair dryers. They have less metal and more than ceramics that is additional protection against heat. There are models with thermal protection, it is important.

4. Do not dry once wet hair.   To start with dry hair with a towel. But do not rub (to avoid breakage of hair), and wrap your head in a towel, let the moisture absorbed into the fabric itself. As often as possible use in drying their hands and not comb. Acceptable to use in drying a round hairbrush, but start to use it when the hair is 80-90 percent dry.
Author: Julia Gnedina