Hairdryer ... not only for hair
 We continue our study of beauty gadgets and cosmetics. We already wrote about how you can still use hair spray, nail polish, lip gloss, hand cream, eye cream ... The queue for a hairdryer.

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Drying hair dryer acts aggressively and destructively. And, use a hair dryer as rarely as possible. But the thing that still has great value for us. Why is that? But find out how you can still use it:

1. drying nail polish.
A stream of cool air will help the varnish to dry much faster.

2. Drying of the rest.
If you accidentally spill water on the dress or tights, if the laundry has not had time to dry out if it was necessary to urgently zastiryvat spots ... It should not have to turn off the life. It goes on, and these little things will quickly dry the hair (preferably hot air stream).

3. Heat eyeliner.
Some pencils bad glide over the skin, but they will be better and smoother to go, if the tip of the pencil a little hot hair dryer to warm.

4. Heat curlers.
Apply to hair curlers warm - is the solution for a more elastic and resistant curl. But be careful not to burn yourself.

5. Remove the stickers.
Stickers and labels are sometimes difficult to remove. Warm air jet to loosen the glue stickers, and they are easier to recede. This is true for cosmetics and for children's antics on refrigerators and furniture.

6. Removing wax stains.
With carpet, table, tablecloth. The wax from the candles is easier to clean, if a little heat. Your kids paint wax crayons? They should be off the table will be removed easily by heating a hairdryer.

7. Remove the dust ....
Blow the dust out of inaccessible crevices and cracks will hairdryer. This is especially true for old furniture, the design of which has a lot of peaks and hidden corners, inaccessible rag.
Author: Julia Gnedina