How radically pohoroshet three weeks
 Model Adriana Lima prepares himself for the landmark show annual Victoria's Secret, and we have something to learn from her. Adrian - just three weeks before the show, and 30-year-old model said that come to the podium with a perfect body.

Adriana Lima, the famous Angel of Victoria's Secret, said that in order to become a model of the famous underwear brand, good genes is not enough. Flawless figure girl Victoria's Secret do themselves.

The model recognizes that does a lot to keep the figure to work with Victoria's Secret. Now this diet plus intensive training.

As for exercise, something she obviously does not spare himself. Engaged twice a day, every day. This is boxing, and training in the gym with weight lifting, rope.

 How radically pohoroshet three weeks

Diet Adriana is now based on a protein shake made from egg powder. No solid food for a week before the show, and 12 hours before the show model generally does not consume fluid. "Sometimes at the expense of this method can lose weight by almost 4 kilograms," - said Adrian publication The Telegraph.

 How radically pohoroshet three weeks

Maybe try the method Adrina Lima and New Year corporate appear in all its glory, you think?
Author: Julia Gnedina