Is it possible for pregnant women to go to the salon?
 A large number of the usual for us salon services should not deny yourself during pregnancy. Facials, body wraps, hair, pedicure - these beauty treatments restore strength and relieve stress. And do not bear harm the unborn baby.

What is safe
Most services salons and spas safe for pregnant women and for the health of their future children. Such safe list are: hair coloring, nail services, facials. So, do not be afraid to treat yourself to your favorite treatments.

You may ask: "What about the harmful chemicals? ". That's right, the chemicals used in some procedures that are harmful to the fetus. But only when penetrating into the blood is the only way to reach the fetus. A manicure, pedicure, moisturizing and toning treatment - is superficial action.

What is dangerous
- Sauna and baths, including hot. The temperature in the womb and so higher than the temperature of the mother's body. Any increase in body temperature (in the sauna or bath) lead to the effects on the fetus, it is not desirable for the development of the baby and to maintain pregnancy.

- Solarium. Heat can harm the baby and the mother, and the ultraviolet rays provoke a pigmentation spots. It is better to take a sun bath in a safe watch, outdoors and using a cream with SPF.

- Teeth Whitening. Despite the fact that the volume is no research on this subject, dentists are advised not to carry out teeth whitening pregnant. But that does not cancel a scheduled scan teeth and treatment, if needed (without X-rays).

If in doubt
If in any doubt about any procedure, pregnant women need to answer two simple questions: "Will the high temperatures? "And" Do I need to be to take something by mouth (orally or as an injection)? ". If the answer is "No", then it is a safe thing to the fetus.
Author: Julia Gnedina