Secret bulk packing for straight hair
 Many people ask why, after laying in the salon hair lasts longer, and her hair is much bulkier than after laying house. "After all, I'm doing the same thing! ". Check if all you are doing is right.

Step 1. Preparation of a hair drying and styling hair dryer. Before you let the air dryer on your hair, their need to touch two products: styling tool and protective. First - rectified and makes hair smooth, the second - with thermal effects of the hot air dryer.

Step 2. Dryer is also important. The new generation - a ceramic hair dryers. You also will need barrettes and round brush.

STEP 3. Drying. Using your fingers or a brush, with a powerful stream of air (hair dryer on high speed) dry the hair to 75-80 percent. This step removes most of the moisture to blow did not take long and was more resistant (wet hair does not keep their shape).

Step 4. Once the hair has dried up (stay a little wet, but will cease to be wet), divide them into three parts: the upper, middle and lower. Begin laying the lower segment, the top kill the pins up.

Step 5. Lay strands around five centimeters wide. Hold the brush horizontally, twist the strands to it and dry at medium speed. Clock direct from root to tip, always keep the nozzle down to keep the cuticle smooth.

Council: The more upright you begin to hold the brush, the larger the wave.

Step 6. Once all the lower segment of the hair is completely dry, the middle part of hair chip and work with it. If you need a larger volume on the roots, when drying lift the roots.

At the end sprinkle with glitter hair serum, hair, and you can not tell your styling from what you usually do in the cabin.
Author: Julia Gnedina