What is your hair will tell about your health?
 Different types of hair: thin or thick, dry or greasy, gray or falling out - this is not the only distinctive feature of each of us, but also an indicator of health status. It turns out that sometimes the disorder with hair - an extra argument to pass a blood test.

Dry and dull
As a rule, dry hair - a consequence of external factors, - says senior triholog the clinic Philip Kingsley (UK) Glenn Lyons. - But sometimes it is a signal to check the status of the thyroid gland. In addition, the cause of dryness, dullness and lethargy hair can be fatigue, depression, and if you are overweight or if you are too often supercool. "

Flaky scalp
There are various types of scalp. On this affects not only the state of metabolism in the skin, but also the effect of various bacteria and fungi. Triholog Glenn Lyons says that if, in addition to dry and flaky scalp, you will also notice a dry knees and elbows, it could mean the beginning of the so-called psoriatic arthritis. Compounding this disease is stress. You can not ignore the dry scalp and should find out the reasons.

You lose too much hair
Norma is the loss of hair daily 100-150. But if you notice that you are losing a lot more than usual - it is a signal to look at your life. The doctor says that it is necessary to trace the last three months of life. Perhaps the reason lies in stress, weight loss, childbirth, and then the hair loss is temporary. But there is another reason. Glenn Lyons: "Over the past 10 years, I have noticed a significant increase in the phenomenon of hair loss in women. And quite often it concerns young women and girls, there is even a 15-year-old patient. I attribute this to the sensitivity of hair follicles to male hormones, which leads to thinning hair. This results in the use of certain hormonal contraceptive pill. If so, then you should look for anti-testosterone drugs. "

Early graying
One of the factors that determines the age at which you posedeete are genes. And if your family nobody seats early, and you suddenly started to turn gray, it is a chance to see a doctor. Glenn Lyons said that the early gray hair may indicate a thyroid disease or extreme shortage of B12 (one of the consequences of this could be anemia). The impact of stress on early graying is not yet known by scientists as the main reason, contrary to popular opinion.
Author: Olga Larsen