Diet Beyonce named most effective
 The magazine New York Magazine has a small project in which the journalist edition of trying different diets of celebrities. Already it has been tried diet Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others. And recently, it was the turn to try a diet that adheres to the singer Beyonce. As a result, the publication had to admit that this is one of the most effective diets that participated in this project.

As you know, Beyonce - fan of the diet, which is called «Master Cleanse». The system was invented back in the 40s of the last century, but it reached particular popularity thanks to the efforts of Beyonce, because almost the entire planet admired when the singer managed to lose weight after giving birth to 30 kg in 3 months.

What were the results of the journalist, who tried to follow the success of Beyonce?

The most difficult to endure not so much the refusal to eat, how much respect the rhythm of physical training. Beyonce takes 2 hours a day! It is difficult, both physically and emotionally.

Day 1 and 2. Cleansing (Master Cleanse)
Nine times a day to drink only lemonade: water, lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. No food! You can also drink a drink Salt Water Flush (in fact, a common salt water). All of this should help to cleanse the digestive tract.

Day 3. Purification and some food
On this day continues cleansing drink maple syrup, but you can afford a little solid food. During the first three days of the diet journalist lost 2 kg!

Day 4.
Once a week, Beyonce allows a "pizza and wine." And after three days of detox, you are unlikely to eat a lot of these harmful products. Instead, lift your mood, because you can not always afford to refuse all over!

Day 5 and 6.
Lots and lots of apples and oatmeal cookies (sugar-free, and better - crackers, oatmeal).

Day 7 and 8.
Protein days. Starting the day with egg whites should be - you can make an omelet without the yolks with turkey. As a snack - cucumber salad with vinegar and lemon. Finish the day to fish dishes (sashimi). Sometimes it can be frozen yogurt.

Day 9.
Repeated the rules of the previous days, plus you can enter a new dish - chicken salad, salad is a favorite of Beyoncé.

Day 10.
Diet is complete, it has been difficult, but the journalist says that she lost 5 kg. This effect was not even on the strictest diet Madonna (diet on curdled).

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Author: Julia Gnedina