Drink water and lose weight!
 Many people think that drinking water needs only to moisturize the skin, as well as to protect the body from dehydration. We found for you new reasons why you should drink plenty of water daily.

In order to lose weight.
The water will help you lose weight. One of the reasons - it helps to suppress appetite. According to some studies, those who do not drink enough water every day, tend to have more weight than those who drink a lot of water. Enough water helps reduce body fat.

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From edema and fluid retention.
When the body is not enough liquid, it begins to store it and keep every drop. Since the protective body is shown. A sufficient quantity of water eliminates the fluid retention, because it does not signal the body to store moisture. So if you suffer swell arms or legs, it is likely this is due to lack of water.

For skin tone.
When the body gets enough water, and the muscles are in good shape - they are easily cut, which prevents the skin from sagging.

Lemon water - the best water.
Sometimes it is difficult to force myself to drink absolutely tasteless drinking water. Then there is the suggestion - replace the usual lemon water (this water with the addition of freshly squeezed lemon juice). There are many benefits of this water, it is advised to drink not only because of the taste:

 Drink water and lose weight!

- The lemon water a lot of potassium. This is a great help to the health of the heart and brain.
- Lemon water helps to strengthen the immune system, mainly due to the large amount of vitamin C.
- Lemon water helps remove toxins.
- Supports digestion, reduces heartburn and bloating.
- A warm lemon water - a good drink to combat viral diseases.
- Lemon water - the source of a large number of antioxidants, and it is important to maintain youthful skin, antioxidants reduce wrinkles and reduce age-pigmentation of the skin. Another result of the action of antioxidants - getting rid of scars, restoring luster and purity of the skin.
Author: Julia Gnedina