Safe lightening the hair
 Security - it is certainly positive, that is, with the help of natural substances. Brightening strands or completely all the hair. Just one caveat: natural ways do not work for very dark hair, suitable for fair-haired, dark-brown and light-brown.

The result depends on the initial hair color, and the frequency of application of natural recipe. That is, you can increase the lightening effect with each new use of the recipe.

Honey + olive oil
Mix in a bowl of honey and half a cup of the same amount of olive oil. Honey should not be too thick to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Apply lightening "cream" for hair or individual locks. Make sure that the locks are not in contact with the rest of the hair (use a polyethylene plastic wrap or cotton balls). Cover your head with polyethylene. Keep the mixture on the hair for at least half an hour.

 Safe lightening the hair

Hydrogen peroxide
The bottle pour peroxide and water in equal amounts. Moisten a cotton ball in the liquid and process locks you want to lighten. Keep on the hair for 30 minutes. But no more than 40 minutes, it damages the hair.

Take 3 tablespoons of cinnamon and 4 tablespoons of the ordinary hair conditioner. Use this mixture to process the entire head (massaging the roots of the hair) or individual strands. Plastic film is applied over the tool and leave the hair at least 4 hours. Good decision - to make such a clarification of the night, the result will be more palpable.

In the morning rinse means warm water and apply balm-conditioner for the hair supply.

 Safe lightening the hair

Chamomile tea
Perhaps the most popular natural way to lighten hair. Optionally the broth to cook yourself. You can brew a tea bag and add it to the shampoo and conditioner, and rinse hair after washing with water and chamomile tea.

Dry hair after any natural coloring better naturally. And you can repeat as often as you like (except for the peroxide, it should not be used before each wash head).

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Author: Julia Gnedina