Young skin: 10 things you are doing wrong
 Surely, you regularly go to the salon and buy good cosmetics. And that brings results. But there are still a few things that you can change right now, and your skin will be even better and smoother.

10 things that you do for the skin properly

1. Do you use hot water
A hot shower or bath with steam may be relaxing, but the use of such procedures every day will make the skin very dry. Switch to cool water every day, and a steam room enough 1-2 times a month.

2. You are not sexy
The endorphins that are released during sex (full-time or even sexual fantasies), help to increase the amount of collagen - a substance, due to which the skin retains elasticity. And loneliness - no problem, just re-read again "50 shades of gray" (in general, the so-called erotic literature is very popular and can be found in stores such books).

3. Do you often change agents for the skin care regimen and
You expect too quick results from the funds for the skin, so often they change. And yet, sometimes you need a few weeks to see the first results of the "work" of the product. The skin just beginning to adapt to the proposed mechanism of renovation, and you already switch to a new product.

4. You are abusing alcohol and smoking
Try it before going to bed to give up an additional glass. Alcohol dehydrates the skin making face swelling, prevents night skin renewal. Smoking is also detrimental effect, accelerates skin aging, reducing blood flow to the face.

5. Do you exfoliate your skin too hard
One of the main enemies of the skin - salt. Did you know that it is used to remove tattoos? A saw as salt corrodes metals? All this proves that the salt should not be used to scrub. Especially if it is a salt with sharp edges. The same can be said of any scrub with hard abrasive particles, such as crushed apricot pits.

 Young skin: 10 things you are doing wrong

6. You have a sweet tooth
Sugar breaks down collagen, the main element of elasticity and firmer skin. But candy - is not the only culprit. Watch and carbohydrates that are quickly converted to sugar (potatoes, pasta, bread). Make a choice in favor of products containing Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin C.

7. You lead a sedentary lifestyle
Just a few hours of exercise a week can do wonders for the skin. Exercise increases blood flow, making the skin glow. Sweat removes toxins. Just do not forget to clean the face before and after exercise, so as not to provoke the pimples and acne.

 Young skin: 10 things you are doing wrong

8. You sleep in cotton underwear
Cotton - natural material, there is nothing harmful, but it is not the best option for bed linen, if you think about the smoothness of the skin. Silk fabrics - that the care of skin and hair. Silk retains moisture, spreading skin and hair. In addition, the cooling effect gives a very pleasant feeling skin.

 Young skin: 10 things you are doing wrong

9. You do not protect from the sun
It's not just about the person should also be applied to protect the neck and hands. In the summer only to protect from the sun sunscreen (the amount of cream on your face - the size of a pea, on the body - a small glass), and in the winter, choose makeup with SPF.

10. You do not go to a dermatologist
Dermatologist - a specialist in skin health, it immediately determines whether you get any any problems with the skin. Refer to a specialist for advice. Visit a dermatologist at least once a year.
Author: Julia Gnedina