New secrets figures Jennifer Aniston
 40-year-old Jennifer looks no worse than 10 years ago. And yet, her work schedule is very tight. But Jennifer never misses a workout, even during filming.

Jennifer has been a personal trainer Mandy Ingber. The actress admits that a lot of training to be a seductive form. Classes her almost daily, and when she starred in the movie (and often it takes her a whole day), it goes to the gym, and two and three o'clock in the morning.

Ingber was for Jen's next training regimen: two hours a day practicing yoga session, followed by 20 minutes of training on the elliptical trainer or treadmill (speed 5, 7 miles per hour, and the slope of - 1, 5).

Jennifer Aniston is also a big fan of martial arts, which have a beneficial effect on the upper part of the body, forming a beautiful neckline of the actress.

 New secrets figures Jennifer Aniston

And for us the coach Aniston Council began regularly twice a week, and the result can be seen after 8 weeks.

Photo: ES
Author: Julia Gnedina