Tasty anti-age mask
 In today's The Secret of the day - a mask with a loading dose of anti-aging ingredients. Get ready for a blast of antioxidants!

What you need:
- 1 cup fresh cranberries (can be frozen before use need to defrost)
- 1 cup red seedless grapes
- 2 teaspoons grapefruit juice svezhevydavlennogo
- Gelatine

Cooking is simple: it is necessary all at once to mix to a smooth paste. Cover and refrigerate 45 minutes, due to the gelatin mixture should thicken properly. Once you would get out of the fridge - let stand up for 10 minutes at room temperature. Now you can apply on your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You know, the taste of this compound is very tasty))))

Fruit acids that make up the ingredients - a natural exfoliant and delicate. Generally, by the way, the winter - the time to chemical peels. Grapefruit juice, in addition to all its vitamin virtues - wonderful toner for the face. Cranberries are rich in vitamin A, all the ingredients are full of vitamin C, which helps in the production of collagen. Antioxidants also abound!
Author: Julia Gnedina