Why do your nails is not the same as we would like
 Did you forget about caring for cuticles? Or maybe smoke? Or simply wrong doing manicure? Sometimes spoil your nails are not medical problems. Read what prevents your nails be as you would like.

1. The habit of biting nails. From this broken nails, do not grow, and oral infections threaten and harm the teeth. And do not peel off the burrs! If burrs formed - first, apply a moisturizer or oil, then gently remove with tweezers.

2. You forget about the cuticle. Moisturizing nail bed is crucial in achieving the long and brilliant nails. Moisturize cuticles with oil or lotion. And go to the edging manicure, if you have not moved. It's just - softens the cuticle oil and pushes.

3. You polish your nails too. Polishing - a good thing, but it is not necessary to resort to it more than once a month. Otherwise, the nails become thinner. Sawed edges is also not recommended very often. Select the form of nails that best fits their needs - usually a line to mirror the line of the nail bed. Do not change the shape of the nails often stick selected, then you will not have too much to hurt your nails nail file.

4. You use too aggressive formula nail polish remover. Try bezatsetonovye compositions, it will take more time, but the damage to nails and skin will get less.

5. The nails are deprived of nutrients. The nails are composed of keratin (the same as the hair), this is not bone. Therefore, they need less calcium (although it does not hurt), but a variety of vitamins Composition: iron, zinc, protein. The diet should be present eggs, beans, and as an additive looking biotin.

6. You do not use the database. The base coat is necessary not only for aesthetic reasons (to get rid of yellow nails), but also to protect the nail plate from the aggressive components of nail polish.

7. Do you smoke. In smokers nails are not only yellow but also weaknesses. Heat from the burning cigarette robs the cuticle moisturizing tar and nicotine also act destructively.

8. You do not wear your shoe size. As you know, we are on toenails. Ingrown nails, calluses, corns - it is not a complete list of what bears a close shoes. More dry and brittle toenails.

9. You do not wear gloves. Protect your hands with rubber gloves when working with chemicals when cleaning the apartment. This not only saves your hands, but do not give germs an opportunity to settle in the area of ​​the nail. In winter, wear gloves, they also have a dual purpose - and warmth and protection from bacteria.

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Author: Julia Gnedina