And come October ...
 As something completely unnoticed escape the summer. And September waved a pen ... And the skin of many of us over the summer was the land, and the impression that wilted.

Experts advise to carefully remove dry skin cells layer by layer. Sunscreens replace vitamins. And before cooling, or rather to the frost, use moisturizing creams and emulsions.

In the fall of many of us is an internal imbalance, mood deteriorates, we will get tired, get enough sleep worse. There are specialists - Chronology. They are advised to give up the alarm clock before going to sleep and program your body to wake up at a certain time.

On waking in the morning should not be abruptly jump out of bed, and, slowly, sit up, stretch, massage the earlobes, rub the palm of the hand, to yawn, to make the simple morning exercises and take a contrast shower.

After contrasting the soul not only fly away the remnants of sleep, but the whole skin is cleansed naturally.

 And come October ...
   Wash your face morning and evening is useful mineral water without gas. Day should moisturize the skin on the outside by spraying it from pulevizatora and taking into at least 1, 5 liters of water.

Water, cleansing the body from the inside, and cleans the skin. For example, yoga drink a glass of water immediately after waking up, and a glass of water before going to bed.

Before going to bed you can drink a warm infusion of mint, it will calm and help you sleep well. Day does not have to drink a lot at once, you can put beside her a glass of water and drink a sip.

To keep your body young, experts advise to get up every hour, looking up from the computer and walk around the office. For hands to do simple exercises in the form of the rotation of brushes, fingers clenching and unclamping. If possible, while working to remove the foot out of the shoe and to roll them with the heel-to-toe.

But the regeneration of the skin, that is restoring it falls on the night hours. No wonder our grandmothers said that "Beauty comes in the night." Contemporary experts agree with them - the peak of cell division comes at a time from 22 hours to midnight. If you do not go to sleep at least 23 hours, the beauty does not come ... It is proved scientifically that if at that time not to sleep, but, for example, watch TV, eat, work, the skin renewal process will be so weak that it will begin early aging .

In a night-time activated bacterial flora, through the pores of toxins, waste products, some medicines. And to get rid of the feeling of "dirty face" should not eat at night, especially fatty, salty, spicy. Nutritionists say that if bedtime greatly tormented hunger, enough to drink a glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of honey, a cup of yogurt or eat an apple.

Before going to sleep, of course, you need to thoroughly clean the skin of makeup, sweat, grease, loose particles of skin and energize a person a night cream. Cream experts recommend to apply a thin layer. Surplus cream must be removed after 20-25 minutes. Cosmetologists say that all the cream is absorbed, only the first ten minutes. If you do so every day, and then we can look at 50 years 30.

 And come October ...
   The odds look good for many years increases evening foot massage Because both feet are on the point, working on that, it can affect the entire body.
- Before starting the massage, you need to sit back.
- Start stroking massage with the feet from the fingertips to the ankle: forward with a push back easily and smoothly.
- Each finger massaged separately, shaking them, easily moving from side to side. Then you need to pull the foot toward you.
- Then the whole foot slightly prostukat edge of his hand from the bottom up.
- Circular movements of hands to massage both sides of the foot from the toes to the ankle.
- Ends stroking massage the entire foot downward open palms to the muscles to relax and unwind.
- Finally, you can pour a little in the palm oil with the addition of 1-2 drops of tea tree oil and rub into the sole, nails. And at night wear cotton socks.

These simple tips will help any woman to feel cheerful and beautiful.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva