... Cellulite suffering or illness that is not?
 Of all the cosmetic problems and ailments cellulite most discussed in multi-stakeholder environments, from specialists dermatologists-cosmeticians to the general public on women's forums on the Internet.

Hard to believe, but back in the 70s of the last century this term, no one knew, though itself a phenomenon of uneven distribution of fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue, of course, there, that's just a special problem in that no one noticed. Only with 1973 When the owner of a beauty salon in New York City Nicole Ronsard   I wrote an article in a magazine about cellulite Vogue, in our consciousness gradually began to enter the term "cellulite" or so-called "orange peel", meaning "terrible and ugly" bumps and depressions in the skin.

Not slow to appear and the various theories on this subject, one worse than the other, about the toxins in the cellulite tissue, poisoning and other interstitial fluid. And now, in 1980-1990, boom fight cellulite, which continues today. This is understandable, because cellulite is impossible to win, but it is possible to live and fight, and, moreover, to fight for years. And it can be said, a gold mine for fabulous profits for cosmetic companies and cosmetic salons. And then there's the manufacturers of dietary supplements connected with ready-made solutions - miracle creams and pills of cellulite.

So what is it, the notorious cellulite, where he came to our heads, and how to fight it?

The literal translation of the term "cellulite" Latin - inflammation of the cells, although, of course, about any inflammation in our case we are not talking, but, nevertheless, the "new" disease, open Nicole Ronsard, brought its creator solid capital and laid the foundation extremely lucrative field of cosmetology, quickly won the consumer market much of the world.

Incidentally, there is a very real disease, cellulitis ( cellulitis ) - An inflammation of the connective tissue between adjacent tissues or organs, it is most often the cause of strep infection (sometimes staphylococcal) and Cellulitis usually treated with antibiotics, no relation to the hollow and bumps on thighs, he has not.

 ... Cellulite suffering or illness that is not?
 Location grow legs "cellulite"?
Despite the fact that scientific and pseudo-scientific arguments on the subject of the environment, to consider whether the "orange peel" medical problem or purely cosmetic imperfections, continues, the phenomenon still exists, there's no getting around it. Moreover, in one degree or another, it is important to 85 (according to other sources 98) percent of women.

Fat cells accumulating fat can vary considerably in size. Among themselves, these cells are linked collagen fibers that make subcutaneous fat smooth and elastic. The structure of the subcutaneous tissue at women has its own peculiarities - it is quite loose, and connective tissue fibers are arranged in a way that was convenient to save and keep the fat, and the fat cells have a tendency to some "kuchkovaniyu."

By its very nature, "cellulite", in varying degrees, there are almost all women, even the relatively slender, but by itself is not considered a disease (as opposed to obesity), and significant threat to health is not. Yes, and I see it is sometimes quite difficult, only under certain lighting and when you squeeze the skin with your fingers.

In principle, if the excess weight you are not there, you follow a healthy diet and moderate exercise, do not smoke or abuse alcohol, do not suffer from certain chronic diseases - are no prerequisites to the fact that this low-profile "cellulite" (if observed) will move in a more pronounced form, no.

 ... Cellulite suffering or illness that is not?
 Danger and physical suffering to arise in cases where the result of a number of reasons (hormonal imbalances, thyroid disorders, venous and lymphatic disease, environmental factors, addiction to harmful habits, including gluttony, etc.) fat cells ( adipocytes) are beginning to group themselves in knots, damaged collagen fibers and develops tissue fibrosis . At this stage, the fibrous disturbed blood flow and the movement of lymph vessels are injured, peredavlivayutsya nerve endings, solid lumps are painful on palpation - there's no medical assistance is indispensable.

The causes of this complication is not fully understood, it is difficult to identify any factor, the presence of which is uniquely capable of in the future so complicate our lives. Often, all the troubles blame genetics, but conclusive evidence that cellulite is inherited, no. Coming soon likely to have a predisposition to the place of its formation and inheritance features of metabolism.

Some experts believe that the crucial period in the formation of skin and fat layer of women and thus preconditions for the emergence of complicated forms of cellulite in the future - this is the age span from 20 to 25 years. It was at this age should be particularly careful to monitor the state of the musculoskeletal system, avoid sudden weight gain, carry out preventive massage courses, to try to prevent excessive deposition of fat in the lower body. In general, take care of the health of youth!

 ... Cellulite suffering or illness that is not?
 Can I get rid of cellulite
Gynoid lipodystrophy (scientific name "cellulite") was observed in women at all times, but over the centuries it no special meaning attached, and even sang as a sign of a bright femininity. Magnificent examples of "cellulite" show model artists of the Renaissance and later Baroque era, it is unlikely in our age would be considered graceful three ladies, whom Rubens depicted in his famous painting "The Three Graces".

However, each epoch forms its ideas of female beauty have changed over time, though quite dramatically. And now, in our days, when a slim figure and a smooth elastic body are ideal for millions of women, it was worth advertising to exaggerate about the severity of the problem and suggest methods to overcome it (diet, beauty products and procedures, and others.), Women are actively involved in the process . That is, they began to seek out on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen "orange peel" and try new and new methods of getting rid of cellulite.

But, alas, get rid of "cellulite" once and for all can not be, because this way the distribution of fat in the subcutaneous tissue is natural for women, can be programmed to say, and the use of almost all funds will have only a short-term effect.

Good results show hardware techniques such as ultrasonic and electric pulse effects actually observed and reducing the thickness of the dermis, and its uniformity and firmness. The results can probably be explained by the improvement of microcirculation in the skin and subcutaneous fat, a decrease of stagnation, stimulation of lipolysis, stimulation of the muscles. But again, after some time everything will return back - and bumps and dimples!

Often the effect of the measures protivotsellyulitnye purely psychological. Indeed, sometimes the signs of cellulite nobody but his concern owner, can not find even an expert, armed with a microscope. And here is the result of some tough methods of influence, such as mechanical massage, heat treatments, injections, maybe even counterproductive, until the development of inflammation and diseases of the actual tissue (cellulitis) with tissue destruction.

Side effects in a variety of health problems often arise in the "treatment" of food additives, and "drug" struggle, and radical surgical methods to get rid of cellulite and excess fat (liposuction).

The surest way to preserve and effective thighs and buttocks in an elastic and fit condition - take seriously their way of life, reduce calorie intake, review the diet, physical activity and add ... to get rid of redundant fault-finding to their appearance. However, neglect cosmetics, improves skin elasticity and improves blood circulation, still not worth it.

The creams and other cosmetics from "cellulite" (ointments, gels, tonics) in the subcutaneous fat can not influence, but to improve the appearance of the skin can be, and in fact under the elastic, stretched skin uneven distribution of fat less visible.

Everything that improves the skin condition - water treatment, mask, massage and exfoliation, wrap, applying cream - all of these activities, which we will gladly perform to keep youth and elasticity of the skin, and can be regarded as the fulfillment of "anti-cellulite program." And if cellulite is almost impossible to win, then take it under control is quite real!
Author: Olga Travleeva