Daily care of themselves: some errors
 Each of us in this business almost expert. But even the experts continue to study all my life. Make sure you are doing everything correctly. And if not - a little work on the bugs can not hurt.

BUG: Using the air conditioner on all the hair
Most people use air conditioner as well as shampoo, that is, from the top of the head and further down to the tips of the hair. And it is not entirely justified. The hair roots are healthy, because the roots grow out and here we have just grown, new sites. Over those damaged sections of hair that are older and it ends. Do not waste your air conditioner on the roots of the hair, do not burden the hair balms and there rinses. It can make the hair more and more greasy at the roots.

Fix.   Begin to put air conditioning areas behind the ears and on down the entire surface of the hair. After a while you will see that hair became bigger and wash them is not necessary as often.

 Daily care of themselves: some errors
 ERROR: tonal basis once over moisturizer
One of the common mistakes make-up - apply moisturizing day cream just before application of tonal resources. This is not true. At moisturizer should be a time to ensure that absorb into the skin. Ultimately, this leads to less haste resistant make-up, spotted, uneven tone.

Fix. After applying moisturizer wait at least a few minutes to absorb into the skin cream. If you are in a hurry, and you need to urgently complete the make-up, after moistening pat face with a napkin, and only then apply a tonal basis.

ERROR: Moisturizing cream for bags under the eyes
Swelling under the eyes caused by fluid retention. A moisturizing cream ingredients designed to retain moisture in the skin. Thus, a moisturizer can make the skin around the eyes is even more swollen. But some creams sin is not worth it. Make sure that you do not eat too much salt.

Fix.   If the skin around the eyes swollen (but not red or irritated), you can try to apply a cold compress or ice packs for 10-15 minutes. Well removes swelling light gel with caffeine (it should be refrigerated for effect). If, along with swelling eyes were red, there is itching and irritation, it is more like an allergic reaction. In this case, consult a dermatologist.

 Daily care of themselves: some errors
 ERROR: Spirits at the last moment
Very often the perfume is called "the image the final touch," and we take it literally, spraying the aroma when already made up and dressed. This is mistake. After the aroma is generated so that it starts to work only in contact with the warm skin. In addition, the perfume can damage some fabrics and odor on clothes and all can be unpleasant.

Fix.   It is best to use perfume when you're wearing underwear. Sprayed (or causes a drop) to the point below the knees, wrists, neck, behind earlobes. Each woman has their favorite point where it does flavor. Find you own. Do not rub your wrists together, distributing perfume, it destroys the molecular structure of odor.

 Daily care of themselves: some errors
 ERROR: plucking eyebrows too close to the mirror
When you focus on every little thread, it is difficult to trace the shape of the eyebrows as a whole. You can get carried away. The result - a thin and asymmetric eyebrows.

Fix. It is better to pull out in front of a large mirror. For example, in the dressing room. After a few hairs plucked takes a step back and look at the person as a whole.

ERROR: Insufficient attention to the neck
As a rule, we consider a person apart from the neck. And when we put make-up, and when caring for a person.

Fix. When using sunscreen, apply not only to the face or on the neck and décolleté. No need to spend money on special funds for neck fit your usual products for the face. The exception is a means to an alpha gidrokislotami or retinol. They should be tested first on a thin skin of the neck, to avoid irritation.

 Daily care of themselves: some errors
 ERROR: Too much washing skin and hair
It sounds probably strange, but too many of us suggest purity. Many so zealous until you hear a distinctive sound (when the skin creaks like clean dishes or clean hair). Daily intensive work washcloth and soap deprives you moisturize and protect the skin. You just do not wash off the dirt, but also natural oils and fats that are required skin moisture they retain and protect the skin and hair.

Fix. Do not use too coarse wool, suitable for daily washing soft sponge. Check your shampoos and shower gels. For everyday care of skin and hair do not need remedies, they are best used once a week. Try to limit the daily stay in the shower or bath to 10 minutes or less. And use warm, rather than hot water. This will help your skin to protect you and to be healthy.
Author: Julia Shestakova