Female breast and force of Earth's gravity
 "As it immensely - attraction of the earth ..."
David Tuhmanov

Soft, fluffy, snow-white or vice versa small, firm and dark - the female breast, it serves as a source of inspiration for poets and artists and makes lovers do crazy things. The reason for this attention is not just a sense of aesthetic pleasure and the instincts inherited from the men of primitive man. Big breasts perceived, often unconsciously, as a sign of good health and temperament, which leads to a good choice of life partner and ensure continuation of the species.

And for the woman's breasts is the subject of her pride and care, as well as the jealous envy. But, looking at the pictures of happy busty beauties, do not rush to envy them, - the luxurious and full breasts, the more difficult to maintain its shape and prevent sagging. Recall anatomy: in the breast include mainly adipose tissue, with layers of connective tissue. In the depths of the breast glandular lobules are located, having the form of grapes. The shape and size of the breast is mainly determined by genetic factors and hormonal levels, as well as the muscular tissues of the breast does not contain a "pump" them with exercise impossible.

 Female breast and force of Earth's gravity
 But, nevertheless, in a certain resistance to the forces of gravity role of breast muscles and shoulder girdle, and skin elasticity. While we're young and if the breast is not very large, these muscles and elastic skin nice to cope with the task, but decreases with age the skin's elasticity, reduced muscle mass, weakened ligaments that hold the breast to the pectoralis major muscle, but the volume of the breast is often the contrary increases.

Pregnancy, Lactation, increasing the overall share of body fat as a result of excess food - all of these processes lead to the fact that under the force of Earth's gravity female bust gradually falls and loses its shape. A condition in which there is the omission of the mammary glands, has its own name - mastoptosis.

How to counter this phenomenon opponent without resorting to plastic surgery for breast lift (mastopexy)? Of course, cancel the physical laws we can not, but something may well oppose them:
- Wearing a supportive bra,
- To monitor posture and do the exercises for the muscles of breast and shoulder,
- To maintain skin elasticity water and beauty treatments.

Bra - best friend and protector of the female breast
Bra (of course, properly selected) not only supports the breast, allows you to feel comfortable and look elegant, but also protects it from accidental injuries, which often occur in the home and in the workplace, and sports training.

Despite the fact that the debate about the benefits and harms of this ingenious invention of mankind do not cease among doctors and feminists, we should not forget that although the bra creation of more recent times, in ancient times the woman taking care of safety and comfort, wore something similar to a broad breast bandages.

In more recent times it has become fashionable corsets with supporting inserts below the chest. Bra resembling familiar to us the model was created in 1889 when the French Hermine Kadol put in his corset studio product, called «le Bien-Etre» («well-being").

Of course, modern bras, taking into account the anatomy of the female breast and made of high-quality modern materials still are significantly different from the imperfect and often uncomfortable models of the last century. On all occasions - fitness, feeding the baby, everyday work, the publication, business or assignation, etc., - concerns designers and manufacturers of lingerie, you can choose the right type of bra in our enlightened age.

The main thing when choosing a bra is not to be mistaken with the size. As the results of research on this topic, 70% of women are wearing the wrong size . But a smaller cup or incorrectly omitted straps causing inconvenience not only to wear, but also can cause pain in the back and neck, can suffer skin that is in the area of ​​the breast is usually very gentle. A wrong bra, especially at the "bones", compresses the chest, violates the inflow and outflow of blood in its vessels, the movement of lymph, which threatens to have serious illnesses.

 Female breast and force of Earth's gravity
   Easy to determine the size, you need to know the circumference of the torso under the breasts and the amount of cups. Circumference below the breast is indicated on the product numbers -75, 80, 85, etc., and the amount of cups of capital Latin letters (AA, B, C, D, E). The first parameter is a measure centimeters, and to define a second, make simple calculations. Measure the volume of the breast through the nipple and take away from him circumference under the breasts, the result and size of cups: if 10 cm - the size of the AA, if 12, 5 cm - A 15 cm - in 17, 5 cm - C 20 cm - D, 22, 5 - E.

And, of course, even if you know your size, we should not neglect the fitting of the selected product, any discomfort when wearing a bra should be absent.
It is especially important to choose the right bra for sports and fitness, with need to pay attention not only on size, but on cut and material.

 Female breast and force of Earth's gravity
 Sports bra often has fasteners (like a shirt or top) or the buckle is in the front, it completely closes the mammary glands, made of elastic material with wide straps, all seams are flat. There are special sports models with varying degrees of support for different types of breast load. Sports such as horse riding, running, jumping, skating, step - requires stronger support than, for example, yoga or pilates.

Sports bra should not hamper movement and at the same time obliged to maintain good breast, do not give her to make the amplitude of movement. Neutral bra is not enough to effectively cope with the task of supporting the breast and its protection when engaging in active sports, and even the bones model is not recommended to use for sports, because it is quite possible to injure their chest.

 Female breast and force of Earth's gravity
 Will the sport to maintain breast shape?
  As we already know, the female breast itself has no muscle, so it is very difficult with the help of Exercise change the size or shape of the bust, and heavy exercise significantly tighten sagging breasts are also unlikely to succeed. But we should not think that sport in general can not help us in maintaining breast in the "elevated" state. Still, the assistant, to a certain extent! The rear surface faces the breast pectoralis major muscle   and ligaments attached to the collarbone Cooper - partitions, firming breast and connects it to the thoracic fascia - a shell of dense fibrous connective tissue covering the muscles. Cooper's ligaments are not rigid, they allow for the natural movement of the chest, and eventually weaken, lose elasticity. It should be noted that weak chest muscles, usually define and weak ligaments Cooper (at any age), and vice versa, strengthening the pectoral muscles, we at the same time working to prevent sagging Cooper's ligaments and strengthening elasticity chest.

Strengthening the major and minor pectoral muscles, shoulder muscles, increasing their tone lift the chest, and it will look more attractive. The most useful exercise for strengthening the muscles that support the breasts - is swimming and rowing (especially by kayak), and from the most effective physical exercises for bust deemed exercise with weights and push-ups.

Leather - our "natural bra"
The resilience of the female breast is largely dependent on the tone and elasticity of her skin, is like a "natural bra". In the case of small breasts, this "natural bra" can sometimes afford to go without a bra, but not in sports.

 Female breast and force of Earth's gravity
 Excellent tool for the maintenance of the breast skin in good shape - cold water. Massage jet cool shower improves blood circulation in the skin, tightens it increases the elasticity. Excellent effect on the breast has a contrast shower, cold compresses, rubbing decollete ice cube. After these procedures should be to feed the skin moisturizing, nourishing, firming cream or lotion.

All creams and gels must be applied in a circular, upward stroking movements. For skin in the area of ​​the bust and neckline, you can use the usual cosmetic facial or special funds for the bust, I do not mean the various "byustonaduvateli" promising superobёm. Volume of something, maybe they are on time and ensure, but would then not started having problems with health ...

Of course, it's hard to argue with gravity, but it is important to do everything that depends on us: a functional bra comfortable to wear, play sports, take care of the breast skin, and then it many, many years will remain taut, toned and beautiful!
Author: Olga Travleeva