Fitovanny - the best way of self-grandmother's recipes
 We, the women of the 21st century, used to live in an active rhythm and to search for ways to solve their own problems. But a new lifestyle has a negative impact on our health. Therefore, we are constantly forced to resort to different ways of dealing with stress and fast recovery of the body.

Somehow we have already talked about one of the most effective modern methods, which allows you to relax after a busy day, to avoid fatigue, to collect his thoughts and rid himself of negative emotions. It was about the modern bath procedures. Continuing this theme, it is worth mentioning the centuries-old recipes fitovann effective, which rarely mention the inventors of modern luxury pen and aromatic oils.

So, our great-grandmother was known that certain teas medicinal herbs soothe the nervous system, nourish and rejuvenate the skin, stimulate metabolism, help to fight insomnia and strengthen the body. But the list does not end with their merits.

 Fitovanny - the best way of self-grandmother's recipes
   Having familiarized with the properties of certain plants, it is clear that sometimes you can save on expensive drugs and use ancestral knowledge to your benefit. So I suggest a closer look at the variety of baths with herbal additives and adopt time-tested recipes.

Fitoretsepty to normalize sleep and mental status of the organism
As you know, replace any sedative and sleeping pills are capable of lavender and valerian teas, added to the water for swimming. List of plants with similar action complement fir, lemon balm, chamomile. Besides baths with additives affecting all organ systems, making them useful in two ways.

 Fitovanny - the best way of self-grandmother's recipes
 For example, bath of lavender (for the preparation of which only need to boil a few flowers of this plant, give them the present and add the broth into the water) drives the anxious thoughts, lowers blood pressure, purifies and rejuvenates the skin. Described properties has also dissolved the extract of valerian, which is, moreover, helps to prevent neurosis, reduces spasms. In addition, it is recommended to take valerian baths for diseases of the cardiovascular system (for example, heart palpitations and high blood pressure), as well as the digestive tract.

 Fitovanny - the best way of self-grandmother's recipes
 The range of effects of coniferous baths even more extensive. So, they are recommended for depression and fatigue. In addition, they contribute to the removal of harmful substances from the body and complex purification. For the preparation of such baths can be used and the usual broth spruce needles and essential pine oil.

Several recipes for improving performance
An excellent tool for eliminating drowsiness and receiving a charge of energy is rosemary bath. Since rosemary has a tonic effect, it stimulates the circulatory system, refreshes and invigorates, a decoction of the plant should be added to the morning bath. For its preparation used leaves. Similarly, the impact has rosemary oil (which is added directly into the water for swimming).

 Fitovanny - the best way of self-grandmother's recipes
 Those who are plagued by migraine attacks, it is recommended to add to the bath decoction of the leaves of mint. And to strengthen the immune system, overall health, and normalization of his life is to alternate these baths with honey, whose composition may also include lavender or rosemary oil (for their preparation cup of honey pre-dissolved in a liter of milk, then the mixture is added to the oil, and then The solution was poured into the water for swimming).

 Fitovanny - the best way of self-grandmother's recipes
 Baths for combating typical ailments
Among many other fitovann can pick up and those which will help to eliminate some of the disease in its early stages. So, effectively replace antiprostudnye drugs to eliminate the cough and help prevent flu bath with eucalyptus and oregano. In a similar spectrum of activity, and has a daisy. In addition, chamomile baths should take the symptoms of allergies, gynecological diseases in women, as well as a means to accelerate the healing of wounds and to increase the elasticity of the skin.

 Fitovanny - the best way of self-grandmother's recipes
 Bath with a decoction of sage are excellent painkillers. In particular, they can be used in case of fractures and injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In addition, it is worth remembering about the anti-inflammatory properties of this plant.

It should also be noted that in diseases of the muscles and joints is recommended to take Brown bath. By the way, they are indispensable in violation of the peripheral circulation and peripheral nervous system works and some skin diseases.

 Fitovanny - the best way of self-grandmother's recipes
 Bath as a way to combat overweight
Traditionally used for weight loss mentioned honey baths and wraps. But perhaps not everyone knows that some plants have potogennymi properties and are able to quickly cleanse the body of unwanted substances accumulated.

First of all, they include lime. Lime bath contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body, improve skin elasticity, tone it and eliminate inflammation. A feedstock for such baths can be used the leaves, flowers, buds or bark limes. In addition, to combat cellulite is sometimes rational to be added to the water for bathing concentrate kelp (which, above all, restoring the mineral composition of the skin and helps to normalize blood microcirculation).

General recommendations for receiving fitovann
Finally we must mention a few important rules relating to the reception bath with herbal additives.

 Fitovanny - the best way of self-grandmother's recipes
 1. Water for bathing should be the average room temperature (36-37 degrees). It is desirable to promote relaxation environment.

2. Before taking recreational baths should first take a shower and wash off makeup.

3. The recommended frequency of administration fitovann - about once every two days. Duration of treatment may range from 8 to 20 minutes (depending on the selected components). In order to achieve this effect it is necessary to take at least 10-15 procedures.

4. Fitovanny contraindicated in diabetes, ischemic heart disease stage III-IV, at certain stages of hypertension and acute inflammation, allergies to certain ingredients and during the second week of pregnancy.
Author: Alla Pilipenko