Health baths, their history and application
 Aspects of the beneficial effects of water treatments were known in antiquity. For example, in Greece, Rome and other states with a long history of many centuries BC, constructed the magnificent bath complexes.

At the same time appeared the first aromatic baths, which were used for the overall health and stress management.

At the same time achieve the miraculous effect of such procedures could be due to the study of the properties of various natural aromatic additives.

 Health baths, their history and application

In addition, during the onset of medical advances have been extensively studied features of influence on the body components, which is extracted from the deep sea.

 Health baths, their history and application
 According to historical records, one of the first to feel the positive effect of calming and invigorating incense smokers for taking water treatments could resident of Egypt and the East.

 Health baths, their history and application
 Perhaps today the amazing effects of baths with aromatic oils and other natural mixtures allows Asian and African beauties remain mysterious, gentle and long time to keep a youth and freshness to the skin.

 Health baths, their history and application
 And for the refined Japanese women bathing in a bath has always been associated with the traditional ritual of purification (the history of which goes back to a distant historical period). Probably, this ritual helps them stay calm and remain internally balanced.

Thus, in the era of the birth of aqua-cleansing began the story of a beautiful alternative methods of prevention and treatment of a number of diseases - SPA-therapy. Plus, the ancient SPA-procedures formed the basis of modern, which can be played at home.

Therefore I propose to talk about the available medicinal baths that can replace expensive courses of prevention of physical and mental ailments.

 Health baths, their history and application
 Milk and honey SPA-care for the skin - "legacy" of our ancestors
The fact that milk contains almost all the necessary body amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and important trace elements, now knows every student. But our great-grandmother would tell about the other useful properties of this product.

Due to the presence of specific substances (emulsifiers) dissolved in warm water and milk is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, saturate it with useful elements that are part of it, and give it a soft velvety white shade. However, according to ancient beliefs, previously used for bathing asses milk, but nowadays it can be replaced with cow or goat. And the optimal concentration of milk, according to the latest research, is 1-2 liters of water bath. This procedure is ideal for owners of dry and sensitive skin. In addition, when used regularly, it has a rejuvenating effect. And help strengthen the miraculous effect of Article 3-4. l. honey (previously diluted in milk).

Sometimes pharmacists recommend the use of a cheaper analog - artificial powdered whey or funds from estraktom rice, which create a milky white foam. However, their impact can not be compared with natural cow's or goat's milk.

 Health baths, their history and application
 Bath with aromatic compounds, salts and algae
The scientific study of ancient bath procedures, along with the latest developments open up new opportunities. Thus, on the shelves of pharmacies today, a lot of new artificial aromadobavok bath (in particular, oils, flavored sea salt, beads that on dissolution hiss and create bubbles, foams and gels are stained with water and elevate mood).

Such concentrates successfully replace those natural elements that are used to create a healing effect at the beginning of the history of aromatic baths. Besides, now you can buy and affordable natural-based ingredients that beneficially affect the entire body.

Penetrating through the pores of the skin, these substances have a therapeutic effect on blood and lymph vessels, and stimulate the biochemical process of rejuvenation. At the same time aromapary, which are formed by dissolving them in warm water, a positive effect on the respiratory and feelings.

So, you can pick up supplements that will cause great association, jovial, set up a working mood, or soothing agents for stress relief and relaxation. In addition, some useful components can be used in combination with other (eg, a mixture of flavors of honey and cream perfectly soluble in water and has a miraculous effect).

 Health baths, their history and application
 In some cases, aromadobavki also now successfully replace algae (pre-mixing them with sea salt). These baths (which are the basis of the so-called course of thalassotherapy, or "treatment of the sea") are used, in particular in specialized dispensaries and beauty salons as a restorative procedure.

Their main advantage is that they stimulate cell metabolism and restore the skin's structure, it is saturated with vitamin-mineral complexes and charge beneficial negative ions. A rapid effect is due to the influence of well-studied substances that are part of the sea water (potassium, sodium, calcium, iodine, bromine, and so on. D.).

In addition, medical data, methods 8-10 "sea" bath cure many ailments. However, to take regularly (about once every two days), consulting your doctor.

 Health baths, their history and application
 Baths with alcoholic beverages ...
Despite the fact that now every step of talking about the dangers of alcohol, and other addictive side effects, you should not judge the alcoholic beverages uniquely bad. It is worth remembering that the bath of wine or champagne at various times considered not only the privilege of kings, but also a wonderful wellness resort.

The healing effect is achieved thanks to the emergence of air bubbles filled with carbon dioxide, which provide wellness whirlpool. It, in turn, stimulates circulation and acceleration activates the immune system. Plus, grape skin extract, which is a part of organic wines, is an excellent antioxidant.

Alcoholic Bath avoid acute colds, premature skin aging and inflammation.

By the way, to reduce inflammation in the joints are perfect bath with a strong brandy. Moreover, inviting aroma of quality spirits is able to set up in a positive way, to awaken the hidden desires and give confidence to achieve their goals.

 Health baths, their history and application
 The modern interpretation of the Japanese ofuro bath
Regularly take a cleansing bath in the usual Japanese apartments and houses quite difficult. First of all, because in the ritual washing of the Japanese use non-European steel and cast iron bathtubs, and deep barrels of cedar or other wood that allow to plunge to the chin, such barrels filled with water, heated to a temperature of 50 0C. They are located with a view of the garden (as the contemplation of natural objects is an important part of the cleaning procedure).

However, to reproduce the modern form of this mysterious ritual can each Europeans. It should only remember that our skin is not adapted to the water is too hot, so that the temperature should be somewhat lower. And to create a wonderful woody allow perfumed candles and oil. In addition, achieve the effect of the maximum relaxation will also help bouquets of fresh flowers or petals, dim lights and soft music.

 Health baths, their history and application
 In order to purify the soul and the body, according to the Japanese tradition, should emancipate the mind (that is, leave all thoughts) and focus on your breathing (breathing should be slow and smooth). At the same time, be aware that the use of special detergent is not included in the ritual.

Such a relaxing bath is recommended that employed women (business women, young mothers) and those who are engaged in creative work. After all, they are often required to stop time and relax as much as possible.
Author: Alla Pilipenko