Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
 How to start a vacation camp in the journey from this woman? Well, of course, beauticians! Wherever we went: a sumptuous seaside resort in excursion, hiking in remote places away from civilization for a couple of weeks in the village - we always we remain women, and always want to look beautiful and attractive!

Still, travel bag is not dimensionless, and push it in all these wonderful jars, tubes, bottles, decorating our toilet shelf, we will not be able to. Therefore, we choose only the most necessary, important, a favorite - and nothing more!

Visualization of rest
In order to properly prepare for the trip, try to visualize yourself every day holiday. Well, in the first place at all to think about what you want and think what to do in his trip. And sometimes there are ladies, go to the hiking in sandals, with a bushy false nails and makeup with a backpack, but did not bring any protective equipment or spray (or cream) to repel mosquitoes.

 Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
 Of course, if you are planning a vacation in the civilized beach resort, which involves sunbathing and swimming in the sea, the evening promenade along the waterfront, dining in restaurants, participation in entertainment events, in addition to a universal set of skin care products, sunscreens need and a full set of decorative cosmetics.

If you decide to spend a holiday away from the hustle and bustle, at one with nature - the amount of makeup can be minimized, but you need to think carefully about a set of hygiene and safety of cosmetics, as in nature, except for a mind-blowing landscapes, we can trap those pesky troubles like sunburn, insect bites, injuries and scratches. This case is not bad to have in camp beautician bottle of lavender oil or tea tree.

General principles - minimalism, adequacy, convenience
The main means of skin care products, which have to find their place in our purse - is, of course, day cream for the face. While his choice should be approached very responsibly, its main purpose - to moisturize, protect, soften, soothe and nourish the skin. So it must have flexibility, replacing more and night cream.

 Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
   Note refreshing day cream Academie DETENTE et FRAICHEUR, it contains extracts of lemon balm, celandine, passion fruit and green coffee, protects, refreshes and soothes the skin, it is suitable for summer.

It is appropriate to also take with you on the go some universal cream for body and hands, and at the same time nourishing and moisturizing your skin. It is desirable that all summer cosmetics had in the presence of a sun protection factor (SPF), and give preference to funds in tubes - this package is more comfortable on the road, it is easier and does not break.

Based on the principle of minimalism, from the means of additional care - masks, toners, scrubs - it makes sense to give up the holidays. First, drag with a whole lot of sklyanochek and tanks are too heavy fun, and secondly, it is possible to leave you will have the unique opportunity to take advantage of the natural gifts of nature to maintain the skin in good condition. Fruits, vegetables, natural dairy products, perfect to help you in the care of the skin, especially if your vacation takes place in the southern edges or in the countryside.

And, of course, do not forget about special sunscreens, they are on the road, and the rest will be your helpers and saviors. If you stay in a civilized place, not to make heavier luggage, the purchase of these assets can be deferred for the time when it will arrive at their destination, but if you stick to the principle of "all their burden with a" - choose suitable protective products in advance.

 Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
 Pay attention to a series of Garnier Ambre funds Soler - creams, gels, lotions and other products for every taste, for example solntsezashitny moisturizer anti-aging "face protection» SPF 30.

 Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
   A good choice for travel cosmetics from the company Byubhen (Bubchen, Germany). This manufacturer is known for its high-quality cosmetics for children, but almost all the products are great for adults and a small convenient packaging makes these tools very suitable for field conditions. Especially good special protective cream, which contains fish oil and biologically active substances that contribute to the process of restoring inflamed and irritated skin.

An indispensable thing in the summer beautician - wipes with moisturizing or antibacterial effect. They effectively clean the skin and do not take up little space in your luggage. Do not forget to put in the makeup protective and caring agent for the lips, because they do not have their own protection from the sun, and without protection inevitably become dry and cracked in the hot southern sun.

 Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
 Care Lip summer should begin with the use of hygienic lipstick with UV or lip balm. By the way, lovers of naturalness at the same time he can and finish. The choice of protective and hygiene products for the lips at the moment is very rich, you can easily pick up that you'll love. For example, a sunscreen lip balm from NIVEA with SPF protection factor of 25.

 Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
 Or moisturizing gloss, lip balm with sun protection AQUA FUSION LEVRES Glossy Lip Balm SPF8 by Lancome. Another nice sunscreen lip balm company Yves Sant Laurent with a subtle fruity flavor here and durability and shine and hydration and beauty.

The hot sun and the sea water have a devastating effect on the condition of the hair, dry air dehydrates the hair and scalp, so the summer is necessary to use special tools. Now on sale, you can find special oil to be applied to the hair before going to the beach, if you are going for a vacation by the sea, be sure to find a place in my backpack for these products.

Clean - the guarantee of health and a successful holiday
Without the means do not care, wherever went. Soap (preferably cream soap), Shampoo, shower gel (if the presence of the soul is supposed to place the rest) - Think about the universality of these means, that is, combination of, for example, a shower gel and shampoo in one product, and so on. D.

 Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
 NIVEA The company offers a convenient in this sense, a shower gel "FITNESS FOR THE SOUL" with aloe vera, and the already mentioned German company Byubhen (Bubchen) detergent "The shampoo and shower gel with provitamin B5 Melon."

Perhaps in your purse and find a place for antiperspirants, however, experts urge caution using antiperspirants. Delay sweating with the active vacation can cause overheating of the body and other undesirable phenomena. The new generation of antiperspirants uses the principle of 2 to 1, that is, it deodorants, antiperspirants, combine the advantages of both groups of fighters with bad odor. An example of such a product can serve as a means of Garnier «ULTRAZASCHITA in extreme conditions" (protection 48 hours), an antiperspirant deodorant, enriched with mineral perlite - a powerful absorber of volcanic origin that absorbs sweat and odor.

 Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
 Deodorant antiperspirant for women NIVEA DEO Double Effect. Double Effect is that avocado extract gently cares for the skin, while the other components reliably protect it from the smell of sweat all day, all without alcohol, dyes and preservatives.

Aspects summer makeup
As for makeup, bring a minimum, since the summer make-up should not overload the person, the more makeup on your face - the greater the likelihood that it will flow in the heat.

 Motto selling cosmetic: only necessary and nothing more!
 Light foundation, water-based, "glass" or transparent powder without dyes and sun effect, multipurpose lip gloss and (or) resistant lipstick with a satin-coated, water-resistant mascara and resistant eyeliner or shadow of a pencil - that is, perhaps, the whole set of makeup, which is quite capable to underline your beauty in the summer vacation.

Another requirement for summer makeup - matting effect, ie, such cosmetics should absorb and neutralize excess sebum and sweat, which is of paramount importance in hot climates. For those who spend a holiday at sea, and can not do make-up, even on the beach - one of the main requirements for its waterproof cosmetics. Almost perfect can be called waterproof foundation Diorskin Forever Liquid from Dior, among one of the best lipsticks - waterproof lipstick from Lancome - Color Fever, and water-resistant mascara Lash Power Mascara from Clinique withstand moisture, bathing, sweat, tears, and washed off with water of 39 degrees.

But if you use waterproof makeup will have to take and the means for removing this cosmetics, it does not always manage to rinse with warm water.

So ahead of holidays, new thrills, new friends - going on the road, remember to take everything you need for your trip, and the main road beautician - easy, practical, assembled specifically for your chosen holiday!
Author: Olga Travleeva