An easy way to lose weight without leaving home
 As long as I can remember, constantly struggling with being overweight. Probably, you do the same, once you read this article? I have tried many different diets and methods. One of them I like more than others in its simplicity and ease. Best of all, you can lose weight at home, not bothering trips to the gym and not much straining. Furthermore, this method is good because it is inexpensive and effective. It is a hot home wraps.

What it is?
This effect on the body by increasing blood flow and create a sauna effect. Usually used for wrapping material, which has a warming properties, promote blood circulation. As a result, the tissue warms, expands blood vessels, opens pores, increasing the process of splitting fat cells, increases metabolism. With wraps easily reduce the amount of body 2-3 cm. However, we must bear in mind that weight loss takes place mainly at the expense of removing fluid from the body.

Hot wraps have proven themselves in the fight against cellulite and stretch marks. As a result of the procedure increases the elasticity of the skin, it becomes elastic and smooth, rejuvenates, tones, tightens, and the body is freed from toxins. In addition, after the application of an effect of relaxation and inner harmony, helps to relieve stress and fatigue.

Do not forget that hot wraps are recommended not to all. It is impossible to carry out this procedure during pregnancy and lactation, varicose veins, diseases of the urinary and kidney tumors, cardiovascular disease, allergies and various skin lesions. In addition, if you feel unwell, and you feel unwell procedure must be postponed until full recovery.

 An easy way to lose weight without leaving home
 How it's done?
To perform a hot wrap you will need a roll of film. You can take food that is sold in the store. Select a tool for wrapping. The skin before the procedure, it is desirable to steam, cleaned with a body scrub and massage.

For dry skin, apply makeup to wrap by gently rubbing it. You can pre-heat it to 37-38 degrees. Usually the procedure is carried out for problem areas: the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Then close all plastered portions of the film. It is wound spirally upwards is not very tight to avoid discomfort. Dress warmly. I usually use shorts Slimming and bathrobe. Not bad fit any warm pants. It can be wrapped in a towel and lie under a blanket.

The procedure lasts 15-40 minutes. Then wash off with all the body in the shower. You can take a bath with salt. Do not forget about moisturizing body cream or lotion.

What can be used for hot wraps

 An easy way to lose weight without leaving home
 - Cocoa powder or dark chocolate.   It contains caffeine, which increases blood circulation. In addition, cocoa excellent antidepressant and relieves stress. And the oil contained therein, a beneficial effect on the skin. Chocolate of the procedure necessary to melt in a water bath, and cacao - diluted with warm water.

- Mead . Remarkable effect on the skin, opens the pores, removes toxins, increases blood circulation. It can be applied separately, but you can enhance the effects mixed with sea salt and essential oils. Honey is heated in a water bath for him added 2-3 drops of lemon, orange or grapefruit oil. Citrus increase the drainage effect, increase skin elasticity.

- Coffee . Caffeine (available at pharmacies) or coffee grounds diluted with water. Well combined with honey, essential oils, white clay. You can raise a small amount of milk. Caffeine actively helps to break down fats, beneficial effects on the skin.

- Olive oil . Very good for the skin, making it soft, velvety and silky. In 20 ml of base, add 3 drops of juniper, lemon and lavender essential oil. The resulting mixture was heated to 40 degrees.

- Seaweed (kelp and fucus) . Give a quick slimming effect, actively fight cellulite, remove laxity and wrinkles of the skin and swelling. Algae in the dry form can be purchased at the pharmacy. Article 2-4. spoon pour hot water and leave to swell for 30 minutes. You can add another egg yolk.

 An easy way to lose weight without leaving home
 - Clay . Well moisturizes the skin, removes toxins, reduces the amount of, calms the nerves. Clay is also sold in pharmacies. It must be diluted with warm water and stir. Essential oils may be added. Connect a tablespoon of white clay with algae, pour 50 ml of dry red wine, and you get a wonderful antidepressant mask wraps.

- Herbs . You can use any herbs: chamomile, sage, lavender, juniper, burdock, mint, nettle, etc. Good for wraps and green tea. Herbs are ground in a coffee grinder (5 Art. Spoons), pour boiling water and infuse for about 15 minutes. You can add a little honey, cinnamon or citrus oil (it is necessary to be careful, as will burn). Then it takes a cotton cloth is lowered into the broth, impregnated and applied to the body. These wraps are beneficial to the skin, relieve stress and help you lose weight.

- Mustard . Mustard powder mixed with honey in the ratio of 2 to 3. It gives a very good warming effect, the blood rushes to the skin, liquefy fat, reduces the volume. Be careful using this composition. Mustard may burn the skin. It is better to start with 1/2 Art. tablespoons mustard 2 tbsp. spoons of honey. The next time it will be possible to increase the number.

Wraps better to hold courses, 12-14 procedures in a day. Then a break for 1, 5-2 months. The result is felt after the first session. Reduced volume, improves health, tightens and softens the skin.
Author: Natalia Romanova