Getting rid of cellulite simple and accessible method!
 Slowly but surely, winter is losing its position! Not far off is the time of flowering gardens, tight jeans, short shorts and skirts. And then, before you know how to start the swimming season. In order not to feel like a stranger in this celebration of life, it should start to prepare for it now.

So we put in order "problem areas." Yes, to deal with cellulite is not easy, but it can also, if you use all methods at once - good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, exercise, massage with special creams and oils.

Let's start with the food!

 Getting rid of cellulite simple and accessible method!

Revised menu and reduce the consumption of food containing animal fats. Less fry, give preference to roast and stews - it is not just tasty but also very useful. Instead of red meat it is desirable to have a bird to cook possible without salt and cream sauce.

In order to strengthen the connective tissue and improve its elasticity badly needed vitamin C will cover the necessary daily dose - a kiwi, or grapefruit or mango or an orange or guava, 50 grams of red pepper or infusion of rose hips from 25 g of dried fruits.
  Very useful red and dark red fruit (cherries, black and red currants, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, red gooseberries, red and black grapes, red and black currants, etc.) - at least 50 grams per day. Since this is not the season for the berries, you can use them frozen.

Often include in the menu fresh cabbage. Besides the fact that cabbage is a good source of vitamins, it helps to eliminate excess fluid and fat burning.

Get plenty of seafood. Fatty fish (salmon, trout, sardines, herring, mackerel), you must have 2 times a week, do not give up, and from lean fish (cod, hake), and every two weeks should indulge ourselves as seafood specialties like shrimp, crabs, squid, etc.

In spite of the generally accepted view of the harmful effect on the weight of the potatoes and the figure in the fight against cellulite dishes from this root are essential. Potatoes make the skin more elastic, and contained in this vegetable potassium out of the body of excess fluid.

Very useful green stuff - parsley, dill, caraway, marjoram. In principle, it can be grown even on the balcony (if it is insulated, even in winter) or on a windowsill. The same applies to the bow! Onions and green form and bulbs - just an indispensable tool in the fight against cellulite. It is rich in iron, magnesium and calcium, but these elements promote lipolysis. Besides onion (especially leek) contains essential oils, promote digestion and outputting fluid from the body.
Butter is possible, but a minimal amount of (1 coffee spoon per day), giving preference to vegetable oils - olive and grape seed oil.

Do not forget about drinking

Flush out toxins is necessary. Well suited for this infusion of birch leaves and buds. Between meals should drink one cup of warm infusion. You can use other diuretic herbs and green tea.
Do not forget about the medicinal properties of simple and pure water (mineral and spring, thawed). A new day begins not with a cup of coffee and a cup with water!

It is useful in combating cellulite every day to drink a cocktail miracle - based drink with the addition of buttermilk mashed strawberries or blueberries (can be frozen). Berries normalize the structure of adipose tissue, strengthen connective tissue, and buttermilk improves digestion.

Exercise stress

 Getting rid of cellulite simple and accessible method!

Unfortunately, for many of us it is the daily reality of sedentary work, and in his spare time, we prefer to maintain a sedentary lifestyle. The consequences of this pastime: a weak flow of lymph, stagnation in the intestine and a bunch of different problems, including cellulite.

Therefore, since it is important to at least 2 and preferably 3 times a week to load your body with a good physical procedures. The most effective are: walking, swimming and cycling. Walk on foot. Anytime and anywhere! It helps to keep the walking legs slim and buttocks - tightened. Keep your back straight, chin slightly lift up the leg brought forward right, lowering the heel first, then the whole foot entirely. To this you should leave time for at least 45 minutes. A little more than 2 hours a week - is it really so difficult ?!

Take time for morning exercises (fitness), it can help to remove congestion in the legs and lower part of the body. Gymnastics (or fitness) improves tissue nutrition and all internal organs with oxygen, reduces muscle fatigue, increasing their elasticity and firmness, stimulates blood circulation, which allows the removal of residues.

  You can make your cellulite complex - simply because of the large range of exercise is necessary to select those that affect the muscles of the hips (front and rear surfaces), the gluteal muscles, the abdominal muscles (the press), especially the lower part of the back and bottom. It is in these places begin to develop cellulite.

General recommendations for training:

1.   It is better to hold classes every day for 15 - 30 minutes.

2.   The number of repetitions for each exercise to do 15 or higher.

3.   Select 1 - 2 exercises to influence each group of muscles (front of the thigh, hamstring, gluteal muscles, abdominal muscles, lower back) and follow them regularly. To improve the result, when classes fitness necessary to use anti-cellulite cream and a good idea to wear on the lesson neoprene shorts (one hour).

Beauty treatments at home

Rubbing with sea salt or bath with her beneficial effect on problem areas. This procedure strengthens the connective tissue, tightens the skin.

To increase the elasticity of the skin and helps eliminate puffiness special wrap: healing clay (blue, white) mixed with warm chamomile extract until soft pulp, apply to the affected cellulite areas, allow to dry, after 20 minutes rinse with warm water. You can make wraps with seaweed, the effect is amplified if the relevant areas covered with plastic film. If the top film put tight shorts, then cover with a warm blanket and sit or lie down for 1 hour, then we say that the effect is stunning.

There is an entire section special anti-cellulite cosmetics   - Creams, gels, lotions. Some are more effective than others, but in any case their action gives the best result if you combine them with massage. Clear pressure with your hands or a massage device speeds up the movement of lymph in the tissues of the body. Eliminate stagnant lymph locked cellulite swollen fat cells.

So the main treatment for this problem - massage ! "Kill" the fat in the tissue affected by cellulite massage with essential oils of grapefruit, rosemary, chamomile, juniper, lemon, cypress plant, pink or anise oil. It is necessary to mix 3 drops of any of the four oils (from above mentioned) with 50 ml of oil bases (peach, almond, jojoba). This mixture should be rubbed into the skin prepared daily for 2 weeks, then take a break for 7 days, and again repeat the course. Not bad tightens the skin following mixture: three drops of oil of ginger, cinnamon, bergamot, rose oil, four drops of patchouli and a few drops of rose hip oil is mixed with 20 milliliters of oil base.

Tissues affected by cellulite, it is desirable to mass every day, because the massage excites blood circulation and metabolism Dry massage mitt should be your usual procedure. Twice a day - morning and evening - rub the problem areas within 5 minutes. Then take a shower (better contrast) and lubricate the skin cream.

It is very effective against cellulite honey massage . Honey (natural or candied) is applied to the palm, and then pat transferred to the massaged area at a time (abdomen, hips, legs). When honey nanёsёn on the body firmly presses (glue) hands to the body and abruptly torn off. Gradually, the movement should become more sharp and strong. Honey as it is driven into the skin and on the surface there is only a thin layer. After some time on his hands and the body will begin to appear white mass. Massage is performed for 5-10 minutes, then you need to take a warm shower and apply moisturizer.

The second variant of this massage is performed with a bowl .  The steamed body is rubbed in a circular motion honey .  Then use the bowls (pressing it and moving the body) is a massage .  When you press the air out bowls ejected and the body is drawn back as if .  Periodically "tear off" a bowl of body .  Procedure should be followed for at least 2 times a week .  Regulate the duration of the massage should be in accordance with the individual characteristics .  Method honey massage - an effective but safe and not painful .  If you have sensitive skin or problems with blood vessels, the approach to this massage to be very careful .  When the expansion of capillaries ("red veins") on the thighs, varicose veins, or when there is a risk of thrombosis (thrombosis) or an electric or manual massage can not be carried .  If you have a problem with that, but you're not sure, too far gone these abuses, it is better to consult about a massage from a specialist doctor .

In this case, perhaps more suited sparing agents such as Coffee Body Mask of cellulite and body fat . The coffee grounds to add a little blue clay and water (preferably mineral) to the thickness of cream. Gently massaging to put the mask on damp skin. Through time, wash off with warm water. Caffeine promotes fat breakdown, and clay "pulls" excess fluid from the subcutaneous tissue.

Fighting cellulite - it is certainly not easy, but if we move in all directions at once, and do not notice how the skin on problem areas instead of orange began to resemble a peach!
Author: Olga Travleeva