... General cleaning of the skin. Let's look into the cabin?
 How to become the owner of a gentle radiant skin? The answer is simple - you need to clean it regularly.

Whatever the laden shelves of specialty stores from cleaning agents, they do not fully cope with its functions, especially in conditions of poor environmental conditions in metropolitan areas. Regular cleaning bought or home-prepared formulations clean only "superficial" dirt, and to deeply cleanse the skin, need, anyway, the most popular procedure Soviet hairdressing - cleaning person. In addition, the winter - in itself a great time of year for a variety of cleaning procedures for the skin. Cold cold air reduces inflammation and infection does not develop.

Currently there are several types of skin cleansing. They differ on a number of factors - the level of trauma of the skin, the degree of efficiency of removal of deep impurities and to a method of cleaning. Sami cosmetologists and dermatologists argue about the pros and cons of the good old and new innovative methods of "cleaning" complexion.

Important!   Facial cleansing is contraindicated in any way inflamed acne, boils, eczema and other skin diseases.

Manual cleaning

Manual or manual cleaning - the most common way to remove grime in the skin of your face. Master Cosmetologist only with the help of fingers opens the pores and remove the contents. The first stage of manual cleaning of the skin is steaming. It uses a special device - vaporizer. But now the very popular steamed special masks that reveal fine pores. What follows - Desincrustation, that is the very removal of comedones. The final stage is the pores and soothes the skin mask. The main disadvantage of this procedure is its tenderness and irritation of the skin after the procedure, so it is better to spend at least a week before the celebrations.

Indications.   This is ideal for cleaning heavily soiled or oily skin.

Contraindications.   Advanced vessels on the face, purulent viral diseases in the acute stage, epilepsy, hypertension, asthma, cancer.

 ... General cleaning of the skin. Let's look into the cabin?
   Manual cleaning is a subtype mechanical , Which is to use the difference in cosmetic dezinkrustatsii special blades or "spoon". The obvious advantage of this method is a deep cleansing. However, in this case, a high risk associated with the lack of skill of the master - one wrong move and the skin may remain scars or unpleasant pit.

Cleaning with ultrasound

 ... General cleaning of the skin. Let's look into the cabin?
   Cleaning with ultrasound also allows you to clean the skin of dirt, dead skin cells, sebum and comedones. In the cleaning process, which lasts 15-20 minutes, beautician skin Ultrasound spatula (ultrasonic skraberom) at an angle of 45 degrees, and the ultrasonic wave penetrated into deep layers of the skin, pushing out dirt. Such type of cleaning is less traumatic and virtually painless compared with manual method. Furthermore, the skin does not leave any redness or any swelling. However, cleaning by ultrasound is not able to remove very deep dirt, there will only manual way.

Indications.   Average contaminated skin, normal and dry skin.

Contraindications.   The paralysis of the facial nerve, and other plastic surgery on the face, the orbital neuralgia and trigeminal nerve, recent chemical peels, Botox injections.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling - is not only a cleansing, as such, but the correction of minor defects and even rejuvenation. Chemical peeling is carried out only in salons, it is carried out by the interaction of a number of active substances - alpha hydroxy acids - the epidermis. Under the influence of acid on the surface (superficial peeling) and deep (the median and deep peels) layers of the skin is evenly exfoliate dead skin cells, which stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, resulting in young cells and there is a general cleansing and skin rejuvenation.

 ... General cleaning of the skin. Let's look into the cabin?

However, this procedure can only be performed during the cold season to protect the skin from strong UV exposure as "updated" the skin is vulnerable. The procedure itself is painless chemical peels, but the consequences can be reminded of their own within 1 month: will peel off the skin.

Indications.   Acne and Oily skin aging prevention and correction of cosmetic defects of age, the elimination of hyperpigmentation, keratitis.

Contraindications.   Pregnancy, lactation, purulent viral skin diseases, including herpes, fever, cancer.
Author: Inna Sedykh