How to find a good master?
 You will travel far to your master on the other side of town? It's too expensive? He stopped you like or you just want to change? So, where to find a good master?

Where do I start looking?
Well, if you have friends who can recommend a good specialist, but if not available, you can resort to a little trick. Give good advice might even those people from whom you do not expect: a neighbor in the stairwell, mother, walking with the children at the site, the class teacher of your son, and many others. It is only important chance to bring the conversation to the topic you are interested in and wait for the catch! Finding a good wizard can help women's newspapers and magazines.

Take a look at the internet: read the forums, study reviews note, what are the criteria professionals looking for all the others - certainly the master of beauty you do not need one. However, the World Wide Web - a piece is twofold. One and the same person can exalt to the skies at the same time mixed with mud, and just try to determine who is worth listening to. On the other hand, only positive feedback, too, are suspect: how I can not believe that anything could be so perfect. Therefore it is not limited to one site - independent study resources, do not hesitate to seek advice from a moderator or community leaders, advise, they say, a good specialist.

There is the World Wide Web, and specialized sites, for example, As a rule, have the opportunity to choose a specialist close to home, or arrange to have it come to you. The site contains thousands of masters of beauty: hairdresser, stylist, cosmetology, manicure, eyelash extensions, massage therapists, nutritionists and other experts presented here in abundance. For each there is a detailed profile education, examples of the executed works, price-list and, of course, customer reviews. If you run away from a rich selection of eyes, you can call the phone numbers listed on the site and site staff themselves will find you a specialist, taking into account all your requirements and wishes.

 How to find a good master?
 Shop or private master?
If you decide to use the services of masters of beauty and money plays a factor, though not decisive, but rather an essential role, you should be prepared for a variety of surprises. The cost of such services in Moscow varies considerably, in one place you can take a thousand rubles, and in another for the same procedure - twice. Since beauty is more or less clear - there is laid in the cost of advice, as a rule, a host of related factors. Rents in the capital are extremely high, and to not only survive, but also to make a profit - salons just have to inflate the price to the heavens. Especially in the center of Moscow and the surrounding districts. If the institution of a more or less well-known - the cost of services it is even higher. The so-called overpayment for the brand, for the opportunity to be served in the elite interior with a worldwide reputation.

Prices of private masters, tend to be much more modest. Pay rent, it is not necessary - it may well take at home, such as a brand it does not at all, except for that of established reputation and a wide customer base. In addition, the private master can always negotiate and somewhat lower price. There is another plus, which is not all aware. If you somehow did not please the master in a beauty salon - you will use the services of another in the same cabin, and did not lose in profit. But if you're working alone, the cost of failure is greatly increased, so private experts cherish each customer and trying to do their jobs most efficiently.

Think with your head
But what would you have said no - I think, first of all, my head. Much of the master can tell even a simple telephone communication. Surely if he answers the questions are properly understand the subject matter of, as far as he is polite and tactful. Do not hesitate to ask a specialist contact previous clients who were satisfied with his work and can give recommendations. And another tip - do not show that you urgently need to master, just here and now - sensing easy prey, he may well hall price. Pretend that you are in search of a leisurely and always remain master of the situation. Finally, remember that even a brilliant specialist will not be able to fulfill your every wish for the unexpected. He must know in advance what to expect and prepare well.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will certainly find that the wizard that you need, and the next time will not ask - where do I find a real professional?