In the salon and at home: the pampered nails?
 Classic and SPA-manicure, a variety of nutritious and restorative bath, Creative Nail Design - is not an exhaustive list so popular today, procedures and decisions for nails that give pleasure to the modern woman. So what else can pamper their pens, so they look perfectly manicured and pleasing to the eye of discerning fashionistas?

Hot manicure

This is a kind of salon services or European classical manicure - more precisely, they can be a part of, or held as a separate procedure. How is it done? Only for you to master warms up in a special bath (electric heater) a mixture of oils, creamy balm or lotion, which contains vitamins (usually A, D, E) and other components useful for nails (ginseng extract, fruit acids, etc. ).

For example, often used in salons lotion Warm O Lotion or balm of Adios Vita Nail Lotion from Supernail. When the tool is heated to 36-45 ° C in a few minutes it falls fingertips. The wizard then lightly soaked your hands cloth, massage movements rub into the cuticles and nails residues caregiver means. Such a procedure not only pleasant, but also useful, because hot manicure perfectly nourishes dry skin, restores the damaged cuticles and strengthens nails, preventing them from splitting and breakage.


In the center of the action again electric, but this time it melted paraffin cosmetic containing a set of necessary skin and nails substances. Before lowering the hands in the tub, they are cleaned, coated and peeling is performed on them a cream or oil, which do not allow the wax to adhere to the skin. Then 2-3 times a brush dipped into the heated part and leave the "glove" for 15 minutes. Then parafilm removed and smeared hand moisturizer.

 In the salon and at home: the pampered nails?
   The procedure eliminates peeling and micro-cracks of the skin and cuticle, mineralizes nails and prevents deformation. So even if once a month to make a paraffin bath, your hands and nails will look just perfect. By the way, if you do not want to periodically visit the salon and spend a decent amount for the procedure, you can buy a device for paraffin (for example, Gezatone or Wax Spa Hands) and pamper yourself at home. Just a normal paraffin treatments will not work as well as those who wish to follow a policy of paraffin homes still have to buy professional supplies in specialized stores.

Daily care

Of course, frequenting salon treatments for nails and cuticles very expensive. But do not be upset, because there are less expensive methods to marigolds look luxurious. Very simple but effective way to make yourself pleasant - every day to give the care of pens for 1-2 minutes. Namely - to use a special Oil for nails and cuticles .

 In the salon and at home: the pampered nails?
   The range of such products is now very broad, but pay attention to those options, which include formulation balanced blend of several natural oils. In particular, in this product Premium Cuticle Oil from INM includes aloe vera oil, cotton, jojoba and almond. This composition is carefully selected ingredients perfectly smoothes the cuticle and strengthens nails, preventing them from delamination by preventing the appearance of cracks and chips. It is also important that the use of such funds perfectly prepares nails to basic and decorative coatings, which lie perfectly straight.

Just remember, before their application of the nail plate is recommended to degrease using nail polish remover.

Sealing the nail plate

If you have brittle nails or thin, this procedure - just what you need to maintain their natural health and intensively strengthened. Its duration is about 30 minutes, and the effect is sure to please even the most discerning lady. Technology similar to the following: first, the nail plate is cleaned, and then master it rubs special agent (cream or gel) with vitamins, proteins and minerals on the basis of beeswax, and the final stage is giving luster to nails with a layer of special oil. As a result of all these manipulations form a protective film that will protect your nails from damage in three weeks! With this you can arbitrarily often change the color of the decorative lacquer or mess around in the water - result of salon treatments will remain unchanged!

Photo Design on nails

 In the salon and at home: the pampered nails?
   Labor-intensive, long-term, but such attractive author painting nails will hardly ever remain in the past. But relatively recently appeared on the market more economical alternative in every respect of the service - photo design on nails on the basis of technology Uni-Nail. Now completing a manicure, you can chat on the computer monitor you choose a favorite picture that with the help of the so-called airbrush (special printer) will be in minutes applied to your nails.

Various colors, simple and complex images or photos - master of this type of design will fulfill your every whim on demand! Agree, sometimes so nice to be pampered nails and, of course, yourself, your favorite original coating.
Author: Olga Larsen