Laser hair removal - removal of unwanted hair forever!
 Among the methods of hair removal most effective at this point is a method of hair removal. Despite the fact that photoepilation was developed over 10 years ago, at present, this method is one of the newest.

What is the appeal of hair removal?
The efficacy, safety and painless.   Secret efficiency of hair removal is that light pulses, which are processed the skin surface are absorbed by melanin responsible for pigmentation. It, in turn, heats and destroys the hair follicle, and then the hair on the treated site ceases to grow.

Laser hair removal is effective on any part and any type of skin, affects almost all hair colors (except white hair due to the lack of melanin).
Safety procedures ensures its contactless - neither machine nor hand specialist not in contact with the surface of the patient's skin.

How is the procedure of hair removal?
A prerequisite before the consultation procedure is a dermatologist, who analyzes data about the health of the patient's individual characteristics, allergic reactions, and so on. D. Only on the basis of the data the doctor determines the best mode and the number of hair removal treatments.

 Laser hair removal - removal of unwanted hair forever!
 The procedure itself is very comfortable for the patient, who is arranged on a special chair and wear goggles to completely eliminate the effects of light pulses in the eyes. Applied to the skin cooling cream or spray, designed to absorb the heat energy released light pulses device. One flash unit handles the skin surface, so that the procedure will not have time to tire you.

How many sessions are needed?
The number of sessions is determined individually, but it takes an average of 3-5 procedures with an interval of six weeks in order to achieve a complete stop of hair growth in the selected area of ​​the skin. Why is it impossible to do in one session? Just because hair grows unevenly - while some hairs have grown, others still waiting for their turn ...

 Laser hair removal - removal of unwanted hair forever!
   Of course, as with any cosmetic procedure, Laser hair removal has a number of contraindications:
- Limited photodermatosis and acute inflammation at the site of the procedure is one of the main contraindications hair removal;
- Acute allergic diseases with skin manifestations;
- A number of chronic diseases related to significant hair removal contraindications, including: psoriasis, parapsoriasis, eczema, ichthyosis, atopic dermatitis, lichen planus, lupus erythematosus, scleroderma and other collagen diseases, vasculitis, cystic dermatosis, dyschromia;
- Severe forms of hypertension and coronary heart disease;
- Acute forms of herpes and infectious diseases can also lead to significant effects of hair removal;
- Keloid disease history, malignant neoplasms, acute infectious diseases and acute parasitic diseases, helminth infections, dermatozoonozy and others.
- Epilepsy, pregnancy, tan, porphyria, a history of keloid scars, dark tattoos, psoriasis, diabetes, eczema, photosensitivity, pigmentary nevi in ​​large numbers, "Golden thread" open wounds.

Do you find yourself in this "black list" or not, the doctor will determine.

 Laser hair removal - removal of unwanted hair forever!
 After the procedure of hair removal for 5-10 days is to follow a few simple rules In order to avoid the unpleasant effects of light exposure on the skin:
- Limit your exposure to the sun,
- Do not use alcohol-based epilate skin area,
- Refrain from tattooing,
- Only use for hair removal razor,
- Use sunscreens
- Refuse to from time to massage the treated area of ​​skin.

Before you choose a salon where you will carry out the procedure of hair removal, it is important to remember that this type of service should be provided only by highly licensed specialists with higher medical education and have passed qualified training on the machine for hair removal. Think before you attracted by the low cost of the procedure - for the quality of procedures used expensive equipment, so that the high cost is absolutely justified. And do not hesitate to ask for a license and other documents confirming the specialist qualification, conducting photoepilation!

Rest assured that using the above information and advice, you really will get rid of unwanted hair on the body and will not gain the sad experience.
Author: Catherine Khetagurova