Lymphatic drainage - key to radiance
 You had a sleepless night, you were attracted salty food at work - stress, and possibly PMS? Now, all this is reflected on the face in the form of swelling, puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and dull skin. Exit - not only in cosmetics and detox, there is something effective!

Our body is constantly in need of detoxification, but even a perfect metabolism and special cleansing diets are not a 100% way to detox, otherwise we'll have long forgotten about this issue. The secret to maintaining the natural processes of purification - in good condition lymph. And helps in the treatment lymphatic drainage, we offer to learn at home.

Lymphatic drainage   - This term refers to a lymph stimulant medication, which is achieved by a delicate massage and a very gentle touch. The results - impressive: a fresh face in the morning and bright glowing skin.

Lymph for many of us is absolutely incomprehensible and mysterious substance. This liquid-like substance composed of water, protein and white blood cells. Lymph flows directly beneath the skin, collecting toxins that do not come out together with sweat or urine. When the lymph becomes sluggish (as a result of stress, inflammation, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, or undergoing surgery), the toxins linger. The result - swelling, dull skin, dark circles under the eyes. You begin to feel the pain and swelling of the lymph nodes around. The solution is only one - to restore healthy lymph flow, increasing the speed of the internal cleansing.

 Lymphatic drainage - key to radiance
   Copes with this task lymphatic drainage procedure. Those who have tried it say about the excellent results: it improved tone and reduce swelling, and skin radiance. After lymphomassage you feel that the skin breathes better and reduces any inflammation. And most importantly - contraindications practically no lymphatic drainage, it is shown for any and all of us will benefit.

Manual lymphatic drainage
Did you know that Hollywood stars practiced lymphatic drainage before each exit on the red carpet? It restores skin tone and makes it glow, and thus no risk of redness or acne. For most women limfodrenazh "working" so effectively that the skin look better, not only of the procedure, but also to the next. A recent study says, and that stimulation of the lymphatic system helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, even!

Lymphatic drainage is useful for stress relief. If the procedure is carried out expert, then there are cases where patients fall asleep during lymphomassage because the procedure is entirely due to the soft and soothing rhythmic touch.

 Lymphatic drainage - key to radiance
 How to learn
Lymphatic massage is very gentle and easy. The lymphatic vessels are located just under the skin, not deep into the muscles, so the "work" must be very superficial.

The most common question: If I go to a regular massage, do I need lymphomassage, as any deep-tissue massage gives the same results? Not certainly in that way. Lymphatic drainage is working smarter, not harder. It is not intense massage movements, and very light, which are held only on special key lymph nodes.

The main point on which to focus in the lymphatic massage, which aims to improve the skin - is the lymph nodes behind the ears, on the sides of the neck and above the clavicles.

Begin lymphomassage with nodes located above the collarbone. From here the lymph begins its movement around the face. Then move, move out to the nodes behind the ears and end nodes on the sides of the neck (up to the collarbone). Movements should be very easy as the touch of a butterfly's wings, or ocean waves. Specialists in lymphatic drainage, to achieve lightness of touch, often used not only for the procedure fingertips, and even include a touch of dry brush and vibrating waves of a special device (such Lymphstar Pro).

 Lymphatic drainage - key to radiance

There is the so-called method of Dr. Hauschka, which proposes to use a soft brush for lymphatic drainage mink.

We deliver results
To verify the usefulness for themselves stimulate lymph flow, should visit a professional lymphatic drainage procedure 1-2 times a month. The results you will enjoy and you will be sure to pay attention to their lymph.

For the care of the lymph can start with simple rules: drink plenty of water, eat more raw foods. From the most effective exercise to stimulate the lymph considered jumping on the trampoline. But overall physical activity will be a good help. But such products as alcohol, dairy products and caffeine slow lymphatic flow, be careful with them.

 Lymphatic drainage - key to radiance
 At home you can easily press the lymph nodes his hands along the chin, behind the ear and down the sides of the neck to the clavicle. You can massage and underarm lymph nodes. Remember one simple rule - movements should be toward the heart or center of the body.

It is not surprising that the benefits of a healthy lymph go far beyond the aesthetic advantages for the skin. Proponents of lymphatic drainage notice a decrease of allergy, asthma, arthritis, improve digestion, sleep, increase immunity. Incredibly, these light like the wings of butterflies, touch have such great power!
Author: Your Tamara