What beauty treatments, I'll never do
 Experience - an excellent thing. I respect and their own, and others'. I hope you - too. So I decided to share my thoughts on the beauty of some experiments. Perhaps this is not only interesting, but also useful.

So my list of beauty treatments, which I'll never do:

I will not №1 . Sunbathe
In my life I sunbathe enough. Especially in the high school years. Then the parents believed that the child must come first of September, in the new academic year, tanned and rested. But now I see that they were wrong. I see on your skin! And it's not just freckles on their shoulders. I remember exactly what it was after a grueling sunbathing sea skin became prone to dryness. And now I understand that it is thinned and began to respond to almost any external influence, whether it be cool breeze or a body scrub. No, definitely I decided, not anymore.

 What beauty treatments, I'll never do
 I will not №2 . Making permanent makeup
Perhaps this is a good thing. But from time to time. He had been doing in order to line the lips, for example, or eyeliner eyes were always clear and not blurred. But I'm afraid to imagine what will happen with these tattoos on his face when the skin begins to sag and serious changes with age. Clear lines become disfiguring his face.

I will not №3 . Botox
I know, I know, you say, everyone does, especially a celebrity! But my face would prick powerful toxins. The second concern - even advice and a good reputation does not guarantee error beautician. After just a large dose of the drug, and the results will be terrible. Go contorted face six months do not want to! Then, somehow I hear the opinion of her husband about Elena Malysheva, which is not ashamed to admit that makes Botox. He said it was terrible, "She's dead." I did not know that men are distinguished from these frozen muscles. It turns out, notice, and is not particularly favor.

 What beauty treatments, I'll never do
 I will not №4 . Fish peeling / pedicure
Despite the fact that the procedure is gaining popularity and featured prominently in the price self-respecting salon, I refuse it for sure. First of all, sorry for the fish. They are probably very bad in these muddy baths, and could afford to live in the countryside. Secondly, it is a pity the legs. Sometimes it is very difficult to force myself to go into the sea or pool, if there are many people, because you never know what people are sick and who have health problems. And then put the legs in a bath (albeit a large and beautiful), where before you may have visited legs unknown man. But even when you persuaded that the water has just changed, the fish is not changed, and they can also be carriers of some diseases.

I will not №5 . Implants for breast and buttocks
It scares me that my breasts will be some snot. In addition, the recent events in France and the UK, this procedure when patients were asked to come to replace the implants, because one of the parties of the silicon pieces were found hazardous to health components of these events once again confirm that the procedure is safe. There is also the likelihood of damage to the nerve, and it is also common practice. If an allergic reaction to the implant - the eternal spot and other skin reactions are provided. So, my 34B in any case better.

I will not №6.   Tatu
The reason I have already voiced in part: nothing lasts forever, and with the age of the tattoo only spoil the appearance of the skin, even the issue age, I would have said so. I am grateful for the invention of the modern manufacturers of temporary tattoos. This solution is right for me. I'm not a prude, and sometimes I would like to make a row and demonstrate bold graphics on the shoulder, but I also understand that I will soon be the children, and did not want to put the baby to the breast, gored "birds" and embracing hands with "snakes" and "arrows". I'm not talking about that again confuses me accidental contamination of the needle inside the master.

 What beauty treatments, I'll never do
 I will not №7 . Waxing bikini area
Smooth skin in the bikini area - it is certainly a necessary thing, and it not only adds confidence in the game of beach volleyball. It is said that it is worth to be very selective, because some manipulations carry a greater risk to health. These include waxing bikini area.

Did you know that back in 2009 in the state of New Jersey waxing in the bikini area has been banned? And all because they were the real victim. First, the skin in the bikini area is thin and delicate, and it is clearly such a procedure is destructive, and secondly, immediately after wax hair removal the skin is not protected and it takes time to heal. At this time the skin vulnerable to the action of bacteria in the bikini area and there may be particularly large. The risk of infection is enormous. No, I'm not going to tempt fate and to take advantage of more lenient ways bikini hair removal.

 What beauty treatments, I'll never do
 I will not №8 . Sunbathing in solarium
I'll start again with infections in places reusable. I do not know, for some reason lately is very sensitive to this concern. Although ultraviolet rays kill most germs, as well as all the anxiety. But that's not the point. The main thing is that in recent years, scientists have proven that passion for tanning beds leads to the risk of cancer and other skin problems. Women who visit a solarium, 55% more likely to have melanoma. In addition, tanned skin gradually going out of fashion. Most of the funds for the skin is now supplied with solar filters, and this indicates that soon will go tanning services far into the past, and the blue lights will be used only in hospitals for medical procedures.

 What beauty treatments, I'll never do
 I will not №9 . Laser treatments
Not that I am opposed to the laser. No. He opened for many women to get rid of the problems that previously brought some inconvenience. The method is painless and effective. But my experience suggests that it is necessary to use a laser with caution. I, for example, remove freckles and age spots, happy with the result, just 5 treatments to get rid of that prevented me to live. However, one of the latter treatments using a V-rays had consequences. The skin was red for several days, his face was swollen so I could not go outside. As it turned out after, these rays have a side effect on sensitive skin. It's a pity that I was not warned. But now I know about it and warn you. If there are blood vessels on the face, or warts, of course, I'll go to the laser, but will be very selective in choosing a clinic and master.

Dear readers! Add in the comments, what procedures have become taboo for you, and that you will never repeat. Help your advice!
Author: Julia Shestakova