Which approach is most effective in treating cellulite?
 We can not spend all my life in a maxi or pareo. We want to buy a new bikini and shorts. Therefore, we need the most reliable and the most reliable information about cellulite. The enemy must know in order to deal with it. So, what is today the most effective anti-cellulite?

First of all, the bad news. Cellulite almost no bypasses. They suffer about 85% of women in the world over the age of 20 years. And now the good news: there are some things you can do to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

What is cellulite?
Under the skin, there is a network of connective tissue, they are called partitions, which accumulate fat. If the walls are closely intertwined (this is due to genetics), begins to accumulate fat on the surface of the skin there are irregularities, which we call cellulite. Women are more likely than men to have cellulite because subcutaneous septum men are not placed so tightly, and are not so big. Compounding the situation is that women's skin is thinner and affect hormones that coordinate the size of fat cells and the size of partitions. Thus, in order to truly solve the problem of cellulite, we need to solve two problems at once: 1) get rid of the fat; 2) change the internal structure of the skin. Is it possible?

 Which approach is most effective in treating cellulite?
 Problem 1. Get rid of the fat
Everything is simple. It seems you need to lose weight through diet and exercise. The only problem is that not all the result is cellulite. Dermatologist Molly Weiner and Harvard Medical School believes that much will depend on the elasticity of your skin. Not all skin returns to normal after weight loss. If your skin is not as elastic (and this may be to blame hormones and aging), when losing weight, it's just going to cave in, making bumps on the skin even more prominent, and the appearance of the skin will be even worse than before the weight loss.

If a weight loss you can not get rid of the orange peel, it is necessary to work on the task №2.

Task 2: Change the internal structure of the skin
Let's see what's available in this area, and what are the results.

 Which approach is most effective in treating cellulite?
 - Anti-cellulite cosmetics
The easiest way to improve the appearance of skin with cellulite - lotions and creams. However, it is worth noting that this method is the short-term performance. Means of cellulite can be divided into two major groups: caffeine (it gives a temporary effect in improving the elasticity of the skin, smoothes it), and vitamin A and all its derivatives (these components accumulate in the top layer of skin and create the effect of leveling). And the caffeine, and means to vitamin A, sometimes enriched with other active ingredients such as Ginkgo or vitamin C, which improves circulation in the skin, tightens the skin.

But the main shortcomings of lotions and creams - it is the result of the fragility and surface action. The action ends with the following massage cream going to the showers. Therefore, for more tangible results should pay attention to the salon treatment.

- Professional treatments

• Lipomassage (technology Endermologie)
This long-term solution to the problem involves kneading the skin with a suction device, which improves blood circulation and stimulates collagen production. This procedure can be found at many resorts. And for a result it needs at least six treatments. Should one session from 1500 to 4500 rubles. The result lasts up to several months.

 Which approach is most effective in treating cellulite?

• Laser and radio frequency
This is a step forward compared with Lipomassage, a high-tech and expensive way. It is proposed to use the laser or radio frequency device. These methods manage to do massage and suction, as in Lipomassage, but these vibrations are much stronger as a result of collagen production is stimulated more effectively partition change and dimples on the skin disappear. The advantage to these procedures are added thermal effect, acting on the fat cells. And lasers, radio frequency and relatively painless to the patient. Dermatologists recommend 4-8 sessions (30-minute). However, the cost of imposing - can reach up to 500 dollars. As a result, a 50% reduction of the relief. The results last from 6 months to 2 years, or even longer! And then - just one treatment per year for maintenance.

 Which approach is most effective in treating cellulite?

• Laser Liposuction
It is also called Smartlipo, or 'smart liposuction. " This procedure requires a local anesthetic includes injections subcutaneously tiny fiber laser that melts the fat, then the fat is sucked from under the skin. The whole procedure takes about 2 hours, the rehabilitation process - a few days after surgery. One session is enough, but well worth it - about 5 thousand dollars. Results last up to six years, and then need to repeat the procedure.

 Which approach is most effective in treating cellulite?

Author: Julia Shestakova