Blonde Ambition
 It does not matter that there are an infinite number of jokes about blondes, and what people see blond hair as an indicator of the minimum number of mind - millions of women still want to be a blonde.

My friend Emily - blonde since my mother for the first time allowed her to go to the hairdresser one. After a while she repainted in a honey blonde, her oldest awful - her birthday she celebrated, recalling a failed copy of Barbie.

According to experts, the age plays absolutely no role in the coloring of hair. Sibi (Sibi), senior colorist Daniel Hersheson - eternal favorite salon blondes such as Joely Richardson (Joely Richardson) and Kim Cattrall (Kim Cattrall) - says that all depends on whether you picked a shade? and whether it is suitable for your skin tone.

"Do not try to look like Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani) - is not the best option for most people," - says Siby. "If you have 40 or more bright and soft vanilla and beige tones will always look good. The tone of your skin naturally softens age and hair color to do the same - so do not make too bold steps." But this does not mean that you have to look conservative. "Look at Sharon Stone (Sharon Stone) - she looks great without a hint of vulgarity."

Ignore television advertising kits for self-coloring hair at home - let yourself salon visit. Hari's - a place of pilgrimage famous beauties such as Jemima Khan (Jemima Khan) and Sienna Miller (Sienna Miller) - salon, where people come for the precious images. Owner Hari Salem (Hari Salem) insists on detailed consultation before any change in hair color. Eye color and skin are the main criterion when choosing the right shade.

"For pale or rosy skin, we recommend cold, gray shades," - says Hari - "For a darker, olive skin - warm and bright colors."

"If you have gray hair, or you are just starting to turn gray, then ashy blond - the worst possible option because it can make your hair look even more gray, but it is not quite beautifully." "On the gray hair," - he adds - "is often advantageous to look bright, multi-strand".

Becoming a blonde, you assume certain obligations. It is necessary to visit the salon about every six weeks, depending on how fast you grow roots. You also need to take care of their hair at home to keep the bright color between salon visits. Daniel Hersheson's Prescriptive Gloss Shine give alluring gloss colored blonde hair.

Staining can be followed by drying effect, so do weekly nourishing mask, for example, Kérastase's Chroma Reflect Radiance Enhancing Masque, which will save the hair bright and beautiful.

Try to use shampoos and conditioners, protects and strengthens colored hair. At L'Oréal we have some good food at a reasonable price, such as shampoo Professional Shine Blonde Shampoo. The luxury brand launches Frédéric Fekkai Shampoo Baby Blonde Shampoo (in the figure below), and air conditioning Conditioner, which contain herbal ingredients such as chamomile, sunflower and mimosa.

Also remember that the right makeup can accentuate the beautiful blonde hair. Guru makeup, the most famous make-up artist American Bobbi Brown (Bobbi Brown) says: "The majority of blondes are more suitable for cold colors. Eyeliner can be smoked, and you can dare to try celadon or gray, but for the lips, use pastel shades."

It proposes to experiment with soft colors on the lips and cheeks. "For the lips do not use tones with blue overtones - it is better red or shades of rose, crimson or purple than. For the cheekbones, choose something less bright - pale pink or plum shades."
Author: Ann, New York