Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup
 Using blush can give skin radiance, to emphasize the beautiful shape of the face, or, conversely, hide flaws and create a flawless look and make any make-over.

Many women are wary of blush. Some consider them worthy attribute their makeup, while others simply from not knowing them avoid, or are afraid to use them. For many blush unfairly overshadowed other cosmetics. Blush same - like a light touch to the finished shape of a woman. They, with their variety of delicate shades with superfine structure should occupy a worthy place among the ladies' cosmetics. The secret of these little wizards simple. With their help, you can make the skin glow, to emphasize the beautiful shape of the face, or, conversely, hide flaws and create a flawless look and make any make-over. But in order not to spoil their image and does not look like a funny clown, you just need to get acquainted with the blush. We shall begin our acquaintance.

Assortment rouge

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

Cosmetics manufacturers offer a huge variety of these funds. Blush are available in solid and liquid form. Solid include compact rouge in the form of powder, loose powder, or compressed pellets. For example, rouge in the balls Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls by Oriflame will present the exquisite shade of skin and make-up - special expressiveness.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

To include liquid blush cream blush, blush mousse, gels, blush-stick (blush stick) and blush as foam. For example, the blush by Lancome Magie Blush has a soft creamy texture and easy to apply. Figure 2.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

All of these are good blush, but each species - its advantages and disadvantages. Dry powder - just perfect for modeling the shape of the face. Such blush will make any shade of makeup - from gentle to very bright. They are easy to apply and does not stick, so acquaintance with rouge better solid. Suitable for oily and combination skin. But the disadvantage of these rouge is that they can be applied only on powdered skin to make-up was smooth. The compact and crisp blush are better suited for evening makeup. For example, velvet-soft blush-CD Pupa Techno Romance complement the evening make-up, give the person a beautiful shade.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

Blush in the form of foam or gel stay long and are easily absorbed into the skin. They are suitable for oily skin, and applying them to the skin, not powder. The disadvantage is that the dosing of such blush to properly and rub on the skin quickly while they are wet, otherwise the correct make-up will be very difficult. Such blush used professional makeup artists.

Cream blush is, by definition, contain cream with fat and vitamins and are suitable for dry skin. Quickly applied, exactly lie, but quickly erased because of its creamy consistency. Apply only on a powder free skin. Well suited for daytime makeup.
Choosing a solid or liquid blush, it is necessary to take into account only two qualities - consistency pleasant for themselves in conjunction with the appropriate shade.

Choosing color blush

This lesson should be approached seriously, guided only by simple rules. The best shade is the one that is closest to your natural blush appearing on her cheeks after a stay in the cold or intense exercise. And in any case do not have to mix colors of blush or make color transitions, use a shade darker than your blush a lot - all this will look unnatural. You can pick up a shade to match the color of the skin. For light suit soft tones of pink, beige and golden brown. For example, blush Estee Lauder Make up Tender Blush from Estee Lauder with her, natural colors, perfect light-skinned beauties, giving their faces the freshness and naturalness.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

Warm shades of red, brown, honey, copper-colored ideal for yellowish or olive skin. For example, a compact four-color blush Dior Bronze Blush Sunshine Tones, convenient solution for makeup, allow to obtain glow a particular color.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

On dark skin will look good plum, brick and dark bronze shades. And, behold, tanned - look beautiful coral, orange, deep red and peach-colored blush.
When choosing colors is enough to remember a simple rule of thumb: the darker the skin, the richer and darker blush than paler - the lighter colors.

Rules applying blush

First you need to decide what is best to apply blush. Dry is recommended to apply a broad brush with a long handle and a natural bristle brush. Those brushes which come with blush, too small and flat - they only help to correct makeup. Brush for blush should be individualized, and in any case not be used for other cosmetic products, such as powder. Liquid blush applied finely porous sponge or just your fingertips. For example, a blush-stick Infinite Bronze Stick Joues Lumiere from Lancaster is very easy to use, although you need to shade the color of his hands. Blush softly fall and the skin gets plenty of natural light.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

Now you can get to know some of the rules applying blush.

The main thing is not to apply blush where you want, and where they should be-on the cheek. To do this, you just need to smile widely and where most okruglyayutsya cheeks, apply blush.

Do not apply blush close to the nose - it adds age.

Before applying to the skin dry with a blush brush need to shake off the excess and lightly hold on the cheek to the corner of the eye, and not have to drive the brush back and forth.

Any blush, especially liquid, you need a good shade to avoid the effect of careless makeup.

Blush is enough to put one layer - it looks natural and is easy to brute force will look artificial.

Evening make-up should be brighter, so it's best to use a blush bright colors or with sparkles for emphasis. For example, blush Terracotta Blush & Sun line of Guerlain with a soft texture can achieve excellent results and give the face a natural shine and gentle shimmering tone with the effect of light shines. By varying the intensity of the color, you can use the same for the evening, and for daytime makeup.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

Blush can be applied to the temples, the center of the forehead, along the hairline, chin and around the eyes. All these manipulations are done to correct the shape of the face. When used correctly, via rouge is possible to extend or narrow face, i.e., correct defects, achieving the desired effect.

Useful tips, tricks and secrets

For women with mature skin is better to use rouge on a cream base. They lie flat, and the skin looks fresh and natural.

Dry blush applied after the powder is necessary. This should be a good quality brush, lightly. For example, Delicate peach blush by Yves Rocher are suitable for any skin tone. This blush is easy to use, color correcting during the day soft cotton puff.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

During summer, blush can be replaced by a bronze powder. It refreshes the skin, especially sunburned.

If your choice is stopped on dry blush, and powder it should be the same consistency that is firm. If you prefer tone cream or gel, it is best to use liquid blush.

Choosing the right color blush complicated, and not to be tormented by doubts, select range of beige and pink shades - they all fit perfectly and refresh the complexion. For example, an incredibly light in color and texture blush Pastel Joues re-pack from Bourjois suit any fashionista.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

When choosing the right shade of blush, you can use make-up recommendations. Brunettes suitable warm-pink, peach and beige and brown tones. Blondes good to be a palette of pale pink and light beige. For example, powder, blush L'oreal Make Up Blush Minerals makeup will give ease and naturalness.

 Blush Cosmetics - a gentle touch any makeup

Red-haired ladies registered beige and warm peach tones, but in any case is not bright and dark colors. Eastern women beautify blush to red-brown and pink shades.

Preferably shade of blush to change depending on the time of year. For spring and summer approach is more bright colors in the fall and winter - dark and rich shades.

Finally, such a pleasant acquaintance with rouge assistants, we can safely say that blush worthy to take its place in the beautician. Unlike other cosmetics, blush - it's an easy final touch ladies' make-up, which creates a flawless look with his presence, and the completeness of the image. Not a party blush easily use them - and then the skin will shine, and cheeks appear a natural healthy glow.

Delicate blush your cheeks!
Author: Anastasia Raikov