Quick tips on how to make hair sexy
 Cute guy from a neighboring office wants to accompany you after work? An urgent need to do something!

If you're like most women, I immediately dive into makeup. Refresh lipstick, add a little blush, but rather discreet shades will attach a thin smoky eyes effect. Will undo her blouse another button, throw off the body jacket will attach attractive fragrant haze of your favorite perfume, do not you?

"Not so fast!" - Says Katya Ozerin known stylist in Moscow. "Hair - the sexiest accessory that any woman has," - she adds. "If your hair does not look sexy - most likely, you yourself will not seem so."

Katya recommends five proven methods:

Add shine.   Especially well it works on the girls with short hair. Apply a small amount of cream (only choose low-fat structure) in the palm of your hand and then rub it into the hair, creating instant texture and radiance. Katin favorite -Sebastian Crude Clay - especially for short, sexy hair. It gives them clarity, but looks completely natural.

Shake your hair.   It works great with medium-length hair, like a long bob, says Katya. Add a little depth, combing the ends. To fix the effect of touch a tiny amount of hair gel modeling. Just do not overdo it, warns Kate, or you can be like Marcia Brady (Marcia Brady), whose hair looks far from sexy. "Cajoled" should be separate sections of hair - back and sides - it will create a uniform manner, giving it a modern and fresh style.

Make curls.   Long, curly hair is still in vogue, and look very sexy. If you have very long hair, buy a pair of sponge rollers. Kate, for example, carries them around in your bag - they are small and lightweight, with just a couple of minutes will make your curly tips. Before that, sprinkle with hair spray and hair curlers leave for as long as you do makeup. Ten minutes later, you will turn soft, sexy, natural hair.

Zacheshite.   Classic, romantic look that can be achieved with almost any length of hair - a comb-over. Dilute it dangle a few strands around the face - it will give some sexual aspect. With a few beautiful clips or pins that match your hair color, you can change your look in seconds. Zacheshite hair back, twist and secure. Smooth sides of a small amount of hair spray, and then pull out a few thin strands. If they do not look very natural, twirl them around a pencil for a few seconds. Believe it or not, the curls will hold.

Go to bed.   What is the latest recommendation Katie about sexual kind of hair? Nothing enhances the image of a bad girl, faster than split hairs on side. Gently go over the hair comb, separate them with spray and sprinkle forward.
Author: Ann, New York