SPA Program at home
 To arrange a holiday SPA, not necessarily to spend fabulous sums of money in beauty salons. Quite a bit of imagination, a positive attitude - and some of the available funds will perform cosmetic SPA program at home.

Almost the entire set of tools you can buy in any cosmetic shop: sea salt (it is better to buy in a pharmacy is not perfumed, and with natural essential oils), lamps and candles or ordinary candles (preferably round and preferably with no artificial flavors), aroma oils, algae (sold in the form of packets with pressed sheets of seaweed), natural cleansers (eg, sisal or loofah or natural sea sponge). The rest of the ingredients necessary for the preparation of baths, everyone will find at home: honey, milk, oatmeal.

For SPA-procedures importantly - a very special atmosphere: relaxing music, soft lighting, decorative elements and, of course, a complete detachment from all the current problems.   It is important that during the procedure, you will not bother, that is, to have had the opportunity to devote time only to themselves and plunge into contemplation of his inner world. Very well, if the SPA-procedures, you will find the recording sounds of nature: sea surf, the noise of the forest, bird song. Also suitable for this purpose classical music works that one chooses to your liking.

Implementation of SPA-procedures helps to relax, forget about all the negative emotions, to feel peace, peace, serenity, and fix them in the memory of the body and soul. In addition, SPA helps get rid of nicotine addiction and lose weight, forget about sleeping pills, and excrete the excess fluid and waste products.

Prepare a candle, salt, seaweed, aromatic oils and a large towel. Take a shower During which massage the whole body with circular movements of natural wool. Make a body peeling using both finished cosmetic products and home-cooked from the coffee grounds with salt or crushed oatmeal if you have sensitive skin.

Then, turn on the music, set up and light the lamps or candles, which can be placed in transparent vases or large glasses. It is very important the use of symbols of nature. For example, lay in prominent places stones, branches ate corals, leaves, crystals, rose petals - what you like best. Fill the bath water comfortable temperature - 37 °, add the sea salt or algae. Before taking a bath, apply on the face of any mask.

Add aromatic oils in the bath Which better preliminary dripping on sea salt, or diluted in a cup of milk, because they are poorly water soluble. For example, to quickly restore vitality to help this aromatic composition: 2 drops of bergamot, lemon, ylang-ylang, 4 drops grapefruit 3 drops of geranium. Options compositions that promote weight loss: 2 drops of cypress, sweet fennel, 1 drop of rosemary; 2 drops of geranium, lemon and black pepper; 2 drops of ginger, juniper and mint. To support the body after illness, such composition is useful: 3 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of lavender, eucalyptus 2 drops, 1 drop of cinnamon and mint. Take a bath must not exceed 20 minutes, because this time is exceeded reduce the moisture level in the cells, increases the pressure, affects the heart and also operates the skin surface, which begins to lose its protective layer.

After the bath, wrapped in a towel, rinse face and proceed to Foot Massage . During the procedure, you can use the funds for anti-cellulite thighs and buttocks, cream for strengthening of vessels for calves, as well as an antiseptic and nourishing cream for the feet. Starting from the need to massage the ankle to the lower third of the thigh, then rub both hands caviar. After that gradually moves higher. During the massage, apply strokes, kneading and friction. Finish with both hands stroking massage all muscles - from the knee to the groin. Thoroughly mash the feet and toes, paying particular attention to the foot arch. After completing the massage, apply the cream on the face, neck and chest area, wrap in a bathrobe after the kitchen, where slowly treat yourself to your favorite fresh, green tea or a cocktail of lightly carbonated mineral water with a slice of lime and mint ice cubes couple . The feeling of peace and quiet joy you provided!
Author: Natalia Biatova