Spring Makeup
 Finally, the time has come to interesting transformations! After a dull and cold winter, you can afford to bring in some new unusual image of strokes.

Spring has brought a number of interesting trends, which we suggest you read. The main requirement of the spring makeup - look radiant, healthy, fresh and sexy.

The color scheme of this season is particularly diverse. Fashionable juicy, pure natural color - bright and bold. In the warm season in 2008, more than ever, relevant way of inner purity, freshness of colors, elegance and boldness.

Follow our little tricks to create the perfect makeup!



Try green, gold,  Spring Makeup
   sand, emerald, purple, magenta. Soft feather bright and saturated colors in a light haze adds a certain mystique and sensuality image. The perfect eye makeup will complement the color with thin eyeliner applicators. For the most romantic image, use shade-pencils with latex caps.

Pay special attention to the texture of the shadows and the technology of their application. Eye shadow can be divided into several types:

 Spring Makeup
 - Compact . Use classic decor execution century.

  Compact matte shadow is desirable to apply a latex applicator fine grain (it will provide clarity special application) when the makeup nacreous shadows should give preference to foam applicators (they loosen the texture of the shadows and give a velvety look).

-  Spring Makeup
 Friable . Ideal for creating "air" of the image, shaded and go easy on the eyelid weightless silk haze. Friable shade is desirable to apply a special brush. Many brands offer the shadows since the applicators, which are ideal for make-up. Also, the rack offers crisp shadows in the form of a pencil with replaceable blocks.

-  Spring Makeup
 Baked . This unique product - a true masterpiece of art creation of cosmetics. Baked shadows contain "live" mikroperlamutr that is mixed with other ingredients and water, then laid into molds and baked for 12 hours at a temperature of 60 ° C. In this process there is no pressing, pearlescent particles are bulky, do not burn through nutrients and maintain their properties. Baked shadows will create any make-up - from the business to the avant-garde. To enhance the saturation, apply wet.

-  Spring Makeup
 Shadow sticks (3-in-1). This is a real find for owners of very sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses. They love "lazy" as a pencil can be used as an eyeliner pencil and shadow at the same time! They are usually equipped with comfortable latex tips for shading. Pay attention to the agent. The remedy should be well protected hydro-lipid layer of the skin. This means that moisture will not evaporate, and makeup will hold for a long time.


 Spring Makeup

 Spring Makeup
   This is a mandatory tool for lovers of classic, clear and sustainable makeup. Eyeliner age should have a convenient applicator for a perfect application, has moisturizing and protective properties. The best remedy for evening makeup eyeliner and false eyelashes. For a glamorous evening, use the image with shimmering particles liner and mascara with 'lash naraschёnnyh. "


 Spring Makeup
   This summer, no perfect eyelashes is necessary. "Undressed" eye today is not in the price. The stylish "outfits" for eyelashes are very diverse, but this season is possible to allocate the bulk constructed carcass with microvilli (by the way, they are also suitable for those who wear contact lenses), lengthening mascara for "whiny" eye, mascara to create the effect naraschёnnyh eyelashes .

 Spring Makeup

To create a very expressive eyes, use a basis for mascara with panthenol - it strengthens the lashes and provide a truly "thick fluffy" impression.

Healthy complexion


 Spring Makeup
 A healthy complexion and perfect texture - the basic requirement of the season.  Spring Makeup
 Today we focus on the selection of tonal resources, according to skin type. Especially popular and effective "smart" tonal means (smart skin foundations), as well as the tonal resources, preventing the evaporation of moisture from the skin.

If you do not like the feeling of tight mask on the face, choose the revolutionary new tools - mineral makeup. These tonal means nourishes the skin with minerals and carefully look after it, without creating a heavy dense film. Use crisp tones and crisp foundations concealers under eyes. When using mineral resources, special attention should be paid to brush - it is 99%  Spring Makeup
 Ideal application and the desired result from the use of such cosmetic.


This summer is particularly relevant bronze and gold patches on the cheeks, eyelids and temples. Use shimmery powder, eye shadow and highlighter to give siyaschego skin and a beautiful view.


 Spring Makeup
 Nothing refreshes appearance as harmoniously matched paint. Duet "lipstick and blush" - is a must to buy together! Most important to remember that when oily and combination skin should give preference to compact (or crumbly mineral) blush, owners of dry skin  Spring Makeup
 particularly well suited baked.

To save time, experts have created tools "3 in 1", including compact powder, blush and highlighter. They are easy to use to support the makeup during the day and turn the office into the evening make-up.


Complete the image of lipstick or gloss required. The new generation of lipsticks do not contain lanolin, they contain precious orange peel wax, palm wax, which stimulate the production of collagen. Due to the film-forming substances, lipstick prevents evaporation of moisture from the skin of the lips, keeping their softness and juiciness.

 Spring Makeup
   To make up the lips moist effect, use a lip gloss. Making flicker refresh the image or create an image of the virgin - everything is possible, just experiment with glitter!

  Do you want to increase the volume of the lips? It's just brilliantly containing special ingredients. Choose shines with collagen or chili, causing swelling of the lips.

Remember Liner (color or a la "invisible loop"), which will extend the make-up of the lips for several hours.

Author: Beauty-Consultant Hexagone Irina Girik