Treatments - for the figure!
 To undergo salon procedures, improve the skin, tighten the figure, strengthen the immune system is not necessary to wait for spring, winter for this, it is, a good time!

It argued that the winter is difficult to keep track of the figure - and how inevitable the spring almost all acquire excess weight, which then has to fight hard. To some extent, this is true, indeed winter we basically move less (unless you are committed to winter sports), longer sleep and eat. Cold weather, shorter daylight hours, lack of vitamins - all of these specific factors such as the winter to encourage us to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, get into a comfortable chair with an interesting book, and next put a plate of delicious cakes. What a pleasure! And then we sadly look at its multiple forms and blurred thinking, no matter what measures are taken to bring the figure in order. Diet, exercise, review of nutrition - is often found that only home remedies with the problem can not cope.

 Treatments - for the figure!
 Well - there is a way! Required and decide to go to a beauty salon.

What are the treatments we offer specialists there?

Lymph: get rid of the "orange peel" and edema

Based on the principle of a conventional massage. It can be manual, but is effective for the correction hardware lymphatic drainage massage. It is made using pulse currents, microcurrent, vacuum, differential pressure and ultrasound. Microcurrent therapy excites nerve and muscle fibers, which has a normalizing effect on the overall basic functions of the body, it improves the flow of arterial blood and venous outflow, facilitating lymphatic drainage. Cellulite vessels, including lymph, pinched scar partitions, it causes swelling, and triggers, which must be fought - and it deals with lymphatic drainage.

The procedure for lymphatic drainage causes the lymph system to actively withdraw the accumulated fluid and toxins, which leads to a gradual reduction of cellulite formations, normalization of microcirculation and metabolism in tissues. It is felt after the first procedure of lymphatic drainage. A course held from 6-10 lymphatic drainage procedures would greatly get rid of these troubles, be prevented aging.

It is a promising method in the lymphatic drainage is considered Endermologie. This method is an improvement of lines and a reduction in problem areas, the perfect formation of connective tissue structures with increasing elasticity and smoothing the skin surface irregularities. Endermologie offer in beauty salons as the most effective method for the treatment of cellulite, obesity and body contour modeling.

Endermologie - modeling the body and strengthens the immune system

Endermologie is based on the active mechanical stimulation of tissue by means of motorized scooters, many aesthetic problems are complex and, at the same time effectively: the treatment of cellulite, reducing the volume of subcutaneous fat, modeling body contours, reduction and tightening of stretched skin, improve skin structure, removal edema of different origin.

During the procedure you wear a special suit endermological, which provides an effective contact with the rollers and the elaboration of tissues at different depths. The procedure is painless, the intensity of exposure is adjusted individually based on the condition of the skin, the ability to hold the roller handle and fold, as well as the feelings of the client.

The first phase of the procedure is aimed at an overall reduction in the volume and begins with the study of the whole body from the shoulders to the feet. Working out not only problem areas, namely, the whole body is needed because the technology has not only local, but also the overall effect on the body. So you promise not only to improve the figure, but also improve immunity, the health and the body's resistance, normalizing the function of the adrenal glands, ovaries, thyroid, and many other systems.

The next phase of the procedure been directed at solving local problems. That someone should be: lift (buttocks, thighs, waist region, etc.) And / or the program "local fat and cellulite." In this phase the specialist is working in detail only those zones where these problems are present.

Ends phase procedure aimed at improving the quality of the skin. Exposure may be provided on the entire body and locally - depending on your individual goals of the patient. Experts argue that the results obtained over the course of procedures does not disappear for a couple of months, and stored for many years. It's enough to hold only one maintenance procedure in a month.

And if Endermologie, combined with other treatments such as body wraps, peelings, hydro, electrical and others, it only strengthens their combined effect.

Myostimulation: we are treated by sagging skin after weight loss and strengthens the nervous system

On the skin in certain areas (arms, legs, thighs, stomach, chest) is applied to the electrode pads. Sometimes, to enhance the effect of pre-applied to the skin a special gel. Using skin electrodes on the nerves a pulse, and the muscles are beginning to decline. As a result, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, metabolism is activated: the combination of these factors contributes to reduce the volume of fat cells.

Myostimulation also called gymnastics for the lazy. Indeed, during the procedure, you can sit or lie down, read, watch TV. Still, exercises its call is not necessary, - the natural movement and muscle contractions under the influence of the current, as they say, two big differences. One does not replace or supersede.

Now on TV commercials are often seen miostimulyatorov home working on batteries. How effective are they? Experts say that these low-power devices are unlikely to significantly improve the shape, but to maintain a good shape already - is they probably know how to!

Thus, the positive effect myostimulation:

- At the level of the muscle - toning, building and strengthening muscle mass;

- At the vascular level, - activation of the blood - and lymph flow;

- At the level of fat cells - the local lipolysis (fat);

- The total effect on the body, - the improvement of the functional state of the nervous and endocrine systems, enhance metabolism, lipolysis and blood circulation.

Especially useful myostimulation women - "pear" (owners of extensive and lush hips buttocks). Such women are usually pretty thin waist, narrow shoulders and a modest-sized breasts, that the diet and exercise to lose weight starts first. In this case, myostimulation gives visible results - reduced hips and cellulite, while the upper part of the body remains the same as it was. Myostimulation in most cases, alternate or combined with lymph drainage. The use of massage and body wraps greatly accelerates the process of correction.

Ultrasonic Body Massage: modeling the figure, improves skin condition

 Treatments - for the figure!
 Ultrasonic massage increases blood circulation and lymph flow, dilates blood vessels, improves skin glands, increases the elasticity of tissue, reduces inflammation, smoothes scars, relieves muscle spasms, speeds up the metabolic processes in cells. In addition, ultrasound massage promotes deeper penetration into the skin cosmetics and medicinal ointments. Under the influence of ultrasonic cell subcutaneous tissues are compressed and uncoil, and this effect is achieved by massaging or stimulating the subcutaneous tissues.

Acting ultrasound can destroy compacted accumulations of fat cells to divide them. This activates the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, cell metabolism is accelerated, toxins appear in the blood and are removed from the body through the excretory system. Therefore, in the last stages of cellulite (when many other methods are ineffective) ultrasonic massager is simply irreplaceable.

In addition to anti-cellulite applications, ultrasound is used in cosmetics for face cleaning and lifting. Ultrasonic cleaning is very gentle, it can do everything, regardless of skin type, it allows you to clear and narrow pores, remove dead skin particles of skin.
It is popular and ultrasound lifting. Ultrasound improves skin elasticity, strengthens the subcutaneous muscles, stimulates the formation of collagen fibers. All this contributes to the fact that the shape of the face becomes clearer, the skin is tightened, it becomes a young elasticity and beauty.

Thalassotherapy: normalizes metabolism and rejuvenates the skin

 Treatments - for the figure!
 Thalassotherapy - in Greek language means "treatment of the sea." This method has proven effective for removing stressful conditions and overwork, and of course, with our eternal struggle with decay and obesity. It is no accident in the myths and legends of the radical rejuvenation has always been associated with bathing in the source or bath. After intense impact is on the whole body.

Sea water, salt, seaweed, mud and sand in the experienced hands talassoterapevta - these are the main ingredients for success. Availability thalassotherapy - one of its advantages. Even if you're currently in the industrial metropolis and the winter cold outside - it does not hurt you to plunge into the wonderful world of thalassotherapy. Marine baths, seaweed wraps, a variety of cleaning procedures, the wet massage - this is not a complete list of procedures which by its very name hearing delight!

Any wrapping the cabin begins with cleansing (peeling) so that it better able to absorb nutrients from the wrapping. After cleansing cosmetology SPA-salons usually recommend a hot bath with seaweed or sea salt. Then, all or portions of the body coated with the mixture and wrapped with foil or disposable sheet, cover with thermal blanket, installed the desired temperature. Lay and enjoy!

But there are contraindications! Since the components of thalassotherapy high content of iodine treatments are contraindicated in thyroid dysfunction, allergic reaction to iodine.

And other treatments in salons are also a number of limitations on the application, so it makes sense to consult a doctor in case of serious chronic diseases.

By the way, to undergo salon procedures, improve the skin, tighten the figure, strengthen the immune system is not necessary to wait for spring, winter for this, it is, a good time!
Author: Olga Travleeva