10 of the most common myths about nail modeling
 Modern women are so used to capacity (modeling) of nails that, at times, it seems that the service has always existed. But, of course, it is not. The technology has appeared only in the sixties of the last century. But in its short history of nail modeling procedure, like no other, has acquired a huge number of myths and misconceptions. Perhaps, by the degree of interest in it it can only be compared with plastic surgery, and the popularity it is close to the classic manicure and possibly overtake it in the next few years.

Myth №1: can not wash dishes for a long time to mess around in the water, otherwise the nails start to exfoliate

Perhaps this is the most common misconception about naraschёnnyh nails. What was the reason for it - is unknown. Perhaps it is actively supported by the ladies. After all, this is a great reason to shift to the spouse of the household responsibilities. Tell me, how much it cost you fancy nails - and the husband pulled himself to the mountain of unwashed dishes. In fact, artificial nails are not afraid of water. They are made from high polymers used in aerospace, and even in medicine. Artificial materials of last generation so strongly "engage" with the natural nail keratin that no dish washer they are not afraid. So, swim in the pool, go to the sauna, do household chores. Modern artificial nails are not scared nothing!

Myth №2: acrylic capacity for natural nails better than gel

The argument that it is better - acrylic or gel - underway since the appearance of both technologies. To put the question this way is not entirely correct. Best of the material that is better suited to your nails. It depends on their condition, your lifestyle and preferences in the same fashion. On the impact on natural nails both materials are virtually identical: both acrylic and gel belong to the same family of acrylics. Harm nails applied rather than the materials themselves, illiterate and work with them. If acrylic nails can simply be dissolved and completely removed the need to file down the gel. Not enough skilled master can easily damage the natural nails. But if you trust your beauty real professionals, you have absolutely nothing to fear.

Myth №3: unnatural appearance of artificial nails

A big plus modeled nails - convenience .  After spending a few hours on the procedure every 3-4 weeks, you can completely forget about manicure .  But despite the apparent advantages, many women prefer natural nails, even if by nature they lack the correct and beautiful shape .  They fear that the artificial nails will look roughly as they are much thicker than the natural .  Perhaps it was when the technology is increasing only come to us, but now and acrylic and gel nails can look just as natural .  Last dostyazhenie nail industry - manicure "Kreatyur" .  This nail modeling, taking into account individual characteristics: the color and texture, shape and color of the nail plate .  Manicurist individually selected length, shape and color, perfect for your hands .  Moreover, the tip of the nail - no thicker than a business card .  These nails look like very beautiful natural .  Most visually it is virtually impossible to distinguish .  By the way, a manicure increasingly prefer film star on the red carpet .

Myth №4: to look fashionable modeled nails should be long

Here's another common misconception .  Often, when the wizard offers to do modeling instead of a classic manicure, in response to hear: "But this is for young people! Why do I need such long nails! " .  Artificial nails can be absolutely any length and shape .  Especially because this season the most current trend in manicure - natural .  Preferably the average length nails natural oval .  Perhaps this misconception about the length born from the fact that many women, if we do build, something, that could be seen from afar .  Often, young girls prefer giant nails with bright flashy design - at a young age, such "excesses" are acceptable .  But this asovershenno does not mean that these are the nails in fashion .  The main purpose of building - hide flaws and highlight the dignity .  The last time such a procedure is gradually spreading among the stronger sex .  Moreover, men modeled nails visually almost indistinguishable from natural groomed .  Wear these nails what you like! The main thing - it is comfort and harmony with your image . 

Myth №5: simulation is required before a manicure

Yes need! But it is not a classic "cut" and the mini-manicure .  To do this, the master simply removes the cuticle and removes the top layer of nail sawing .  If he offers to do manicure before modeling, it is possible that he just is not enough experience .  During a manicure, especially classical, nails absorb water and change their shape, becoming more flat .  The water evaporates over time - and the nails take initial appearance .  All this has a negative effect on the results of modeling .  As a consequence of the artificial turf will be bad stick on natural nails .  Besides, no one is safe from the master in order not to hurt the cuticle sawing .  If this happens, turn zapilivanie artificial nails are not only extremely painful, but also a dangerous procedure .  Do not forget about rampant hepatitis and AIDS .  It is recommended to make a classic manicure for 2-3 days prior to simulation .  Then your nails are really in perfect order!

Myth №6: it does not matter what materials made capacity

On the contrary - it is the most important. Are obtained from different materials different nails, which are worn in different ways. Acrylics old generation of poorly to treatment. They are too rigid and not flexible enough. That is why such badly worn artificial nails, exfoliate and break down, and, very often, along with natural. In addition, these materials do not exhibit color stability, so often just yellow. If we talk about gel nails, the difference is even more significant. Cheap drugs, unfortunately, do not possess such a flexible and easy to wear, such as roads, furthermore, they may even injure the nail surface. Therefore it is better not to save on their health and beauty.

Myth №7: after modeling natural nails become weak and brittle

Nails do not spoil the material, and unskilled craftsmen. Incorrect preparation of the natural nail to this procedure, wrong correction - these are the main reasons for their thinning. Work on the cheap material can also cause this phenomenon. As mentioned above, it is poorly treated, has no adequate ductility, so nails made therefrom obtained thick. Constant pressure on the nail plate results in slower development onihoblastov, the cells forming the thickness of the natural nail. Therefore, after some time, natural nails become weak and thin. The best way to say goodbye to such a master once and for all, and choose the interior, which works well on the master-quality materials.

Myth №8: if you do acrylic modeling, you can not go to the gel, and vice versa

This is a fallacy! It is true that such creative freedom can afford only an experienced master. And, of course, the materials must also be the appropriate level. High-end drugs are perfectly combined with each other. Acrylic correction is performed on the gel, or vice versa, will be held as long as usual. If in the process of socks nail you to understand that this technology is not very suitable to you, you can easily switch to another.

Myth №9: nail modeling is very expensive

In the health and beauty by definition not save .  Simulation of nails - offers modern in every sense .  This is not only convenient, but also economical .  First of all, artificial nails cherish your time, nerves and energy .  Visiting a beauty salon 1 every 3-4 weeks, you absolutely forget about manicure .  Even the varnish applied on such nails, holds much longer and it could "survive" until the next correction .  And even if you do not have the required amount, and get nails Luxury want very much, there is a solution .  In almost every city there is a training center, which trains masters of manicure and pedicure .  There you will be able to do simulations at very low cost .  Just try to advance to inquire about the school .  Unfortunately, not all of them the same level of .  For example, the training center OleHaus always guarantee a perfect result .  Often, even very wealthy ladies prefer to do modeling in school, because the quality is guaranteed .  But, unfortunately, there are centers where you're just wasting your time - poorly made nails will last no longer than 2-3 days . 

Myth number 10: artificial nail dust allergy

Of course, any dust is harmful to health and can cause allergies. That is why the masters in salons prefer to work in masks. It is quite clear: they have to serve at 3-4 in the client's day. If you come to the procedure every 3 weeks is nothing to fear. Moreover, the dust washed down from the gel and acrylic nails is no more harmful than washed down from the natural. Just the opposite! In normal manicure chance to amass more allergy. So, if you prefer modeling, worry about their health is not worth it.

The material was prepared by Ole House.