6 secrets to sexy hair
 Not only you do not like it when the stylist teaches you a trick that you already know a long time ago and repeatedly used. Here we offer you 12 secrets to sexy hair that possess only the most professional artists. Enjoy!

Secret # 1:   Yes, you can use shampoo daily. Shampoos these days is quite soft and harmless to use every day, a great danger are hair dryers, curling irons and various modeling equipment. Therefore ctaraytes hair dry naturally.

Secret # 2:   Dirty hair - an easy option for the simulation. Surprised when heard that dirty hair easily modeling? Yes it's true. If you do not wash your hair in the morning, then stylists prefer to do hair, combing hair back. And do not be surprised if your hair lightly sprinkled baby powder or dry shampoo. This will help create the perfect texture for similar hairstyles.

Secret # 3:   Want sexy, messy curls as "just after the beach"? The secret - with sea salt spray. In one known salons we have discovered a new method of curling. The aim was loose, messy hair, and we were surprised when after using the spray process began waving.

Seeing the girl at the desk with hair of my dreams, I went, 'You did perm hair? "She smiled and began to tell me his secret weapon. "No, I use sea salt. And I'm doing it myself." You too can make a spray: Mix in a bottle a few spoonfuls of sea salt and water. But if you do decide to buy such a spray, we recommend Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray.

Secret # 4:   Bang - it is very fashionable, but it must be correct. We offer the image of a thick, heavy bangs or combed to one side. Just avoid the thin, light bangs completely smooth length - it will make your face "square" and distorted. Most popular now thick bangs paired with long wavy layered hair. Sexually. Especially with perfect highlights. Not ready to thick bangs? Try bangs, combed to one side. Layered hair works best with a bang, as they allow to dilute the contours of the face and do not make it too square.

Secret # 5:   Do not leave your hair long to the point of absurdity. You know how to look too long hair - they have no style, and it looks ridiculous. The usual excuse of people with similar hairstyles: "They do not require careful placement and I'm not worried about the frequent visits to the salon." It's wonderful that you're not interested in having to make on someone the impression and feel fabulous. But it's not sexy. Sostrig multiple layers, add bangs and a few bright strands. Just head to the salon. Immediately.

Secret # 6:   The secret of "torn" hair. You know the way we seek. But the long, curly hair, seems to break into pieces. Some stylists say that the case of a haircut. In addition, you need the right products.

To get the right rough ragged haircut, you should pay attention to the multi-layered - the hair, which are the same length, it is simply unacceptable. The stylist can also advise textured hair, giving the necessary volume at the roots, so hair will look sexy.
Author: Ann, New York