Arsenal cosmetics for hands and nails
 Our hands - this is the second person who is required to be brought to perfection!

Any modern woman dreams that her hands and nails look sleek and well-groomed. Quality is the basis of maintaining a manicure hands and nails in good condition, and qualitative means neil-care are the key to a good manicure.

Nail polish

Good paint dries quickly, it's nice shiny, smooth distributed on the nail plate without stripes, streaks and lumps elastic (dry - not crumble and break), waterproof. The strength and shine give a varnish film former elasticity - softeners (eg dibutyl phthalate). Aniline dyes give the varnish a particular color. White pigments provide the ability to go smoothly without divorce. Manufacturers have invented a variety of effects to neil-coatings: pearlescent paints, varnishes chameleon that changes color depending on the light, flyurestsentnye varnishes, lacquers dehiscent, creating the effect of craquelure.

If low-quality paint, it quickly decays into a clear liquid and thick sediment. In this case, it takes a long time to shake to the mixture became homogeneous. In addition, this varnish is very difficult to apply evenly onto nails.

Form of a bottle brush to paint and play a significant role. The bottle must have a flat and wide bottom to nail than tipping. A lid which is easy to open, generally cylindrical shape. The length of the brush depends on the shape of the vial, but it should not touch the bottom. Brush should not be soft as quickly lose their shape, or too hard, as it will be difficult to apply such a stubborn nail brush. Usually it is made of synthetic fibers of different lengths, which ensures even application of the nail varnish.

Nail polish on SALLY HANSEN. Surprisingly durable lacquer is based on an exclusive nutritional formula, carefully looking after your nails. Enriched with vitamin E and vegetable oils, it effectively strengthens nails, protecting them from damage. Convenient brush facilitates exceptionally smooth application of varnish.

Nail Pure Color by ESTEE LAUDER. Surprisingly durable lacquer gives inogtyam bright, radiant and protection against damage. Rich in nutrients, it strengthens nails. Thanks to specially developed formula, the varnish is easy to apply and dries quickly.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover - indispensable attribute when manicure. It must be sufficiently concentrated to dissolve the film forming agent contained in the lacquer and synthetic resin. Previously, the basis of all nail polish remover was acetone. But with acetone polish removes fatty plaque from Lastin nail, making it fragile and brittle. Today, the foundation for nail polish remover products comprise various ethers (ethyl, butyl acetate, amyl acetate, toluene, alcohols). These substances are more gently remove paint, but still degreased the nail, so the liquid remuvery added various softening ingredients. To remove the lacquer with a very brittle nails is better to use special creams and emulsions, where the concentration of emollients is much higher.

Firming nail polish remover on SALLY HANSEN.   Effectively removing varnish means nourishes and strengthens your nails, protecting them from damage due to its member vitamin E, provitamin B5 and wheat proteins.

Tool for removing varnish from CHRISTIAN DIOR.   A gentle nail polish remover lovingly caring for your nails, nourishing and protecting them. Means to strengthen nails, making them smoother.

Nail polish remover on L`OREAL.   Due to its nutritional vitamin formula that not only does it quickly and efficiently removes nail polish, but it also strengthens your nails, protecting them from damage, delamination and breakage.

Cream for hands and nails

There is a cream for hands and nails, which were developed specifically for the fragile and the layer of nails. These care products contain humectants and reinforcing components, including vitamins. All this helps to moisturize your hands and nails - make up for the loss of fat and moisture, keep the shine, elasticity and strength. Currently, manufacturers have developed silnokontsentrirovannye funds for intensive treatment of nails.

Cream for nails and cuticles from Diamond SALLY HANSEN.   Gentle cream with microinclusions diamonds effectively softens and moisturizes the cuticle, slowing its growth and giving it a well-groomed appearance, and strengthens your nails, making them smooth and even. The cream also enhances the natural nail protection from damage.

Means for cuticles

Preparations for softening and removing the inner lining contain substances that may dissolve the keratin of the stratum corneum (keratolytics). To activate kerotolitikov necessary alkaline medium, so the means for removing the cuticle, sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.

Nourishing Cuticle Oil Manicure Expertise from L`OREAL. Nourishing Cuticle Oil is ideal for home care of nails, significantly saves your time. Its constituent extracts of rice bran, jojoba and sweet almond effectively moisturize and soften the skin, promotes healing of microcracks. The oil is ideal for daily use, makes cuticles healthy and neat appearance.

Cuticle Oil Mavapen from MAVALA. Included in the oils of olive, sunflower and almond soften the skin by preventing the appearance of cracks and burrs. Vitamins A, C, E and F nourish and protect the cuticles and nails. The tool is designed for daily care.

Means against fragility and brittle nails

Means for fragile and brittle nails are able to deal with a small crack on the nail, to strengthen soft and brittle nails, helping to grow the nails that length that you want. The core of such means is nitrocellulose with additives, polyamides, polyesters, which forms a film. Restoration of the nail plate contribute to the keratin and collagen compound. Most of the funds include a variety of oils that moisturize the nails.

Strengthening means for nails Scientifique from MAVALA. The tool is easily absorbed, it does not form a film and starts to act instantly, securely connecting all the layers of the nail plate, preventing cracking and breakage of the nail plate.

Nowadays, professional manicure enjoyed increased attention from successful women who want to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends. Beautiful and luxurious nails, gently emphasizing the sophisticated and refined taste of their owner, have become the de facto hallmark of the modern woman.
Author: Inna Sedykh