Hair: humidity test
 Spring and the subsequent summer - seasons of high humidity, which becomes a permanent cause of disorder on your head. How to deal with it - in our material.


Even the smallest hint of curls transformed into lush mop of curls of hair when interacting with moist air. The secret is burdening the hair conditioning treatment and special products, which block moisture.

For greater elasticity ask the hairdresser to create multi-layered haircut. If you have long hair, the shortest layer should still be long enough to braid hair in a ponytail.

For short hair suit with blow-drying cream for curly hair and shining serum to get rid of outlier hairs and give shape curls.

Touch the hair as little as possible, so as not to create a ruffled on his head. And for the same reason, do not use a comb.

Do not use an excessive amount of shampoo. If you normally wash your hair every day, increase the interval, for example, up to two days between washing. If you wash your hair every other day, go to the system every three days.

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Increase weekly protein treatment to strengthen hair and improve their shine.


When the air is too humid, straightened hair will still lush ... the natural way easier and more sexy.

Instead, comb your hair, beat her fingertips. Once hair is dry, gently place the hands in the hair and massage the roots. This will make the hair more complete and save you from ruffled.

If you dry your hair with a brush, use a special cream, balancing volume. You cheat hair, let them dry, stacked, and then use a small amount of money to give them shine and shape - a classic.

Regularly cut the end regrown tips of the hair always looked healthy and well-groomed.

Thin + direct

While, as moisture may make weak thin hair, it also gives them a structure and makes it more dense.

Layering of bangs creates softness and looks much better than the direct version of the same length, which stick to your forehead when you sweat, and cause acne.

Be natural. If your hair is short, move them back or just shoot forth in childish style. "

Several bright hair strands will add texture and shape. However, remember that flashing will make the hair weaker and more susceptible to moisture.

Wash your hair every day and avoid heavy conditioners. Perfectly suited volume formula.

Thick + direct

The main problem - get a really smooth hair.

Layered styles, like a graduated bob haircut or long "page," help a person not to get lost in a large mass of hair. It may also help the fringe. When you get out of the shower, rub mixture into the hair conditioner and modeling cream gloss or shine.

Wash your hair every three to four days. Thus, you will avoid the bulk texture.

Focus on lights. Coarse hair has a natural shape. What you need to do is to add shine and reduce the volume.

Graceful options


 Hair: humidity test

Usual braid as braid, twisted into a bagel, is an incredibly elegant and so unassuming as it can be. Secure the ends of a rubber band or a piece of leather lace - both versions look very elegant.


 Hair: humidity test

Not worth much to philosophize. Zacheshite hair back, secure the rim - and you will become a girl from the 60s. The rim tape or you choose is the key. We like a wide black elastic band, it is suitable for everybody and makes the image of a very trendy and modern.


 Hair: humidity test

This sexy, such a classic - high, low, fixed a thin rubber band or thick cloth. To get rid of outlier strands of the hairline, apply a small amount of cream on modeling toothbrush and smooth them.

Short boyish haircut

 Hair: humidity test

Very chic and modern version of today, regardless of hair texture. A sloppy locks added to her femininity.
Author: Ann, New York