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 Of course, the breast is one of the most important signs of femininity. But the vast majority of women that "sign" dissatisfied.

What we happen are dissatisfied with:


Owners of magnificent forms complain of back pain and inability to walk without a bra. And girls with small breasts, being able to wear clothes without a bra, never do. They wear it always, and usually underwear generously "beginning" foam. All this is done to ensure that the figure looked more harmoniously.


We often think that our breasts are too sharp, square, narrow, wide, low, or just not what we think a perfect chest.

Skin condition

Breast skin can upset us wrinkles, dryness, lack of elasticity and ... if you wish every girl finds what 'fault. "

This is something that does not like us. And they do not like our chest?


Chest - a very sensitive organ, and it has a bad effect on a variety of weight fluctuations. Lovers of all kinds of diets are well aware that "the law of meanness" chest - the first thing that loses weight, and the last thing better. And although they say that every kilogram dialed chest adds 20 grams, it remains highly questionable. After all, most of the ladies scored 5 kilos hardly bring cherished 100 grams per breast. Rather, they settle on the priest cellulite and stomach, and when an attempt is made to banish them, the first may suffer ... that's right - it is the breast. In general, it is necessary to lose weight sensibly and gradually, after abruptly dumped kgs contribute not only to weight loss and sagging breasts, they usually come back quickly, and even lead to a "company."

A wrong bra

To breast felt good, it is very important to choose the right size and style of bra. Option for daily wear should be made of breathable material, close-fitting and maintain the chest, but in any case not squeeze it. If you suffer from allergies, you should very carefully treated with synthetic models.

For large breasts are good model with wide straps underwire. But neither the one nor the other, in any case should not leave behind a "trace."

And, behold, the girl with small breasts often in the summer prefer the so-called silicone bras, which are mounted directly on the chest. Of course, they can be put on any T-shirt, they are imperceptible, moreover, give volume, but very harmful to the breast. The fact that they do not leak air, and breasts in them may overheat, and this can not be tolerated. In addition, if the street is really hot and you sweat heavily, then your bra could just ... drain. Subject to the availability fitting clothes he is "grow" fun bubbles in the stomach, and if you loose sweater, faithfully fall at the feet. You need such an incident? Here I am about the same. But this does not mean that such a thing should be completely excluded from the wardrobe - just use it only in special cases. Yes, buy a model with transparent straps, just "fire."

Regardless of the size of breast we all love beautiful lace underwear. And we feel it queens. And let no one sees, but we all know. One "but": such lace often cause irritation to the skin. Therefore, for everyday wear vyberaem model with an insert from a neutral fabric, then the chest will be fine, and you "on a horse." After all, I agree that the lady who stole scratches himself all the time, does not look very erotic.

Sun rays

Breasts do not like ultraviolet light, and the appearance of wrinkles is not - the worst option. After all, an excess sun can cause various diseases. So try not to sunbathe topless. And when sunbathing, use the strongest sunscreen. Also, if you wear clothing with a neckline, this procedure should not be neglected in the city.

And that our breasts likes:

self care

Mark half boiled without salt potato mash with a fork and add to the weight of 1 h. Spoon cream, 1 hr. Of honey, 50 ml of vegetable oil. The mixture was put on chest for 20 minutes. Mask helps eliminate wrinkles.

Take 1 tsp. Of fat-free cottage cheese, mix with 2 tbsp. spoons of milk. Apply the mask on his chest and let soak. Remains remove wet sponge and rinse with cool water. The mask makes the skin velvety.

Take 2 tbsp. tablespoons dry seaweed crushed in a coffee grinder. Thin green tea to mushy state. Put on the chest and let it dry, then rinse with cool water. The mask tightens and smoothes the skin.

Take the "Hercules" and almonds, crushed by a grinder, 1 tbsp. spoon components mix thoroughly with half overripe banana. Apply mask on his chest for 15-30 minutes. It will make the skin more toned and elastic.

To increase the elasticity of the breast skin is useful to make the contrast compresses. In one container to pour hot water with salt (1 tsp. Per 1 liter of water), the second - cold water with wine vinegar or lemon juice (1 tsp. Per 1 liter of water). Alternately wet towel in water and applied to the chest for 30 seconds. Start with hot water, to finish the cold, just 10 times for each temperature. The procedure is carried out daily until the desired result.

Healthy foods

Breast useful: cabbage, bread with bran, orange vegetables and fruits, cereals from whole grains, dried apricots, bananas, green tea, citrus fruits, as well as brewer's yeast, which, thanks to give thiamine breast elasticity.


Taking a shower, you can get a massage with cold water: hosed one breast in a circular motion for 30 seconds, then move on to the second. Total for 2 minutes on each breast.

You can also wipe the chest with ice cubes, it is better if it is frozen herb broth (from the hops, chamomile, mint, lime, sage).

Whatever you choose, remember - hypothermia unacceptable.

And after showering apply a special cream and massage, even stroke neat chest in a circular motion.

By the way, taking a bath, do not forget that the breast does not like hot water.


Exercise is best done with a dumbbell at 0, 5 kg -1 depending on physical fitness.

1. Stand straight, arms along the body, slowly make circular movements only back shoulders, lifting them up as much as possible. Make 10 circles.

2. Stand up straight, bend your elbows, palms folded together thumbs up. Firmly squeeze the palm, count to 10, relax and repeat. Do 10 times.

3. Stand up straight, hands divorced in hand to perform a circular motion. Do 10 times back and forth.

4. Stand up straight, arms along the body. Raise straight arms to the sides to shoulder level. Do 10 times.

5. Stand up straight, bend the arms in exercise № 2. Taps hands behind his back, as if stretching the muscles. Repeat 10 times.

6. effective exercises for the chest are push-ups. At first, you can do push-ups from the wall, or do push-ups with his knees. 5- Repeat 20 times depending on fitness, eventually increasing the number of repetitions.

7. Lie on the floor, hands to dissolve in hand. Raise your arms straight in front of you, go back to the starting position. Repeat 10 times.
Author: Anna Winner