How to achieve volume, shine and correct curls on your hair
 Dreaming of silk, shining, perfect hair, who now and then flashed in shampoo commercials? All this - the tricks of professionals that we expose here ...

In advertising shampoos all have fantastic hair: smooth, shining waterfall that even after vzeroshivanie any ridiculous situation immediately takes the former position. Welcome to the world of advertising tricks and stunts.

Preparing a survey hair takes about four hours. Between shots continuously comb the hair, stack, causing them various shining products. And it is only just to make them shiny. Incredible volume, shine and gloss, which attracts hair from advertising, require a whole arsenal of tools and professionals. All image-makers who work in the real world, say that everyone can get ready to shoot the hair, but in this state they will hold no more than an hour.

Large fleece

If you do not add enough volume hair may look tough, and not be similar to the uniform harmonious "weight". For maximum lifting means for causing the master volume on the roots of the hair just above the ear, and then dries hair from the bottom up, allowing gravity to lift hairs and remove them from the skin.

Using curlers or special ploek can also lift the hair at the roots. If you like straight hair - but, again, the volume - use straightening iron is only at the tips. Secure volume, tilting his head back and strip spraying spray volume.

Soft elasticity

For the perfect wavy hair, as in the picture, wave - is the enemy. On movie sets using special tools and instruments for a wave, but it is appropriate if the hair is well moisturized (dry hair curl as absorb moisture from the air). Stylist Bumble and Bumble, Dennis Lanni (Dennis Lanni) using a reducing air conditioner for dry hair models before using electrical appliances for heating twist. He then wind the strand of hair in the form of eight. "This allows you to pull the hair did not seem to ring very resilient," - said Lunney. For naturally wavy hair he proposes to apply a moisturizing product to damp strands and blow-dry.

Light of a million dollars

Shiny shiny hair are due to (a diet rich in nutrients) and contrary (courtesy of air conditioners and sprays radiance). Stylists are so worried about the health of the hair model, they would regularly send her packages care products week after week before the shooting. The hair is much stronger when they are dried naturally, plus the natural oils of the scalp is better than any product.