How to combine business with pleasure? The answer is - a Thai massage!
 Asian long to very old and mature they look like young girls, what is the secret of such a long youth? In Thai massage!

At present, Russia and Western countries is very popular so-called Thai massage. Already open or opens a lot of salons and centers, offering [a classic Thai massage and its variants. So, what is the Thai massage - a miracle or just exotic practice?

Thai massage - an ancient medical practice of improvement, born in a Buddhist monastery in Thailand. According to the legend, about 2,500 years ago, a doctor from Northern India named Jivaka Kumar Bacha, a contemporary of the Buddha and personal doctor Mugadhi, King Bimbisara, was a system of massage techniques Thai monks. In Western Europe, this technique came in the XVII century, thanks to the notes of the French ambassador to Siam, Simon de la Lubero (before 1939. Thailand was called Siam): "In Siam, when someone gets sick, then begins the treatment with the fact that his body crumples and presses specially versed in the person who sits on the patient and squeezes his legs. "

Thai massage, as opposed to the classic European massage is based on the doctrine of the invisible channels that permeate all human body, which circulates vital energy. When the energy flow is slowed down, a part of it suffers from a lack of, and some - from an excess - and there is a disease. The purpose of Thai massage - to restore the flow of energy by relaxing groups of muscles, improve flexibility.

In Thailand, there are several well-known school of Thai massage: southern, northern, blind massage and so on. But the most fundamental are considered two of them. This "Southern School" (Wat Po) and the "Northern School" (in the city of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand). In addition, there are certain specific areas of Thai massage, for example, foot massage (impact on all the reflex points on the feet and legs).

For Thai massage worked out absolutely all the muscles and tendons. The basis of the technology is a combination of Shiatsu massage (activation energy points) and passive Hatha Yoga (a great stretch and improve joint mobility). Particular attention is paid to the legs, arms, back, and nine points in the stomach, forming a diamond centered in the navel area (here is the area of ‚Äč‚Äčregulating the power of the internal organs). The main methods of Thai massage are pressing on the patient's body with his hands, knees, elbows and thumbs kneading. During a session does not use any oil and cream. Only occasionally - special medicinal plant extracts that enhance the effect of massage. The purpose of the session - to return the body to a state of balance and harmony, not only with the help of deep relaxation and inflow of vitality.

With Thai massage you will be able to solve a number of problems associated with the appearance and health. Thai massage helps to normalize metabolism, increase immunity, improve capillary circulation, increasing lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins. During the session, as there is a general rejuvenation of the body, increases flexibility of the spine and joints. In addition, Thai massage - an excellent remedy for stress, depression and chronic fatigue. Thanks to deep relaxation during the session, you are completely abandon the short-term problems, and instead feel the harmony and unity with the world, a state of calm and confidence in their own ability. Another distinctive feature of Thai massage, as well as all oriental, is the awakening of sexual energy.

Classic Thai massage - this is one of the most powerful health and healing schools of the East. It will help you to increase the mobility and flexibility of the body to maintain a calm and balanced emotional state, open to the possibility of the body's self-healing process, help relieve bodily tension, fatigue, pain, thinner and more harmonious feel your partner.
Author: Inna Sedykh