New laws Beauty 2008
 All the beauty of the new season.

Rule 1: buy face powder

Goodbye shine - long live a matte finish! Matt leather on the podium means a transition to a new texture to the make-up, which obviously becomes a free-flowing form. But do not worry - you will not resemble a porcelain doll. Modern technologies allow to cope with the brilliance and light-reflecting particles make the result of a soft and natural. For beginners, we recommend to start with a formula that protects against improper application, for example, a new powder Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush Brush in Invisible Blend, which contains pigments, absolutely suitable for any skin tone.

 New laws Beauty 2008

How to use it:

First, put on a skin moisturizer or foundation.

Dip the brush into the powder and gently tapping on the palm to remove the excess.

Rub your hands and gently rub the powder into the skin.

Remove excess powder with a brush

Rule 2: strengthen the care of the skin

Means for the care of the skin returned back to the lab for more effective results. The active ingredients are now more natural than ever.

Rule 3: Help cheeks open

 New laws Beauty 2008

Because the skin is dull, his cheeks need in a flash of color to the image remained natural. The most popular shade of the season - bright pink as bubble gum. Best of huge amount - Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in Raspberry.

Rule 4: invest in minerals

Mineral makeup - great for sensitive skin. Free from chemicals, dyes and irritants abound in most modern cosmetics, its components literally take care of your skin. We suggest you try the must-have mineral makeup:

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation. Available since February, it is - the first resistant mineral foundation that lasts up to 16 hours.

 New laws Beauty 2008

Bare Escentuals Precious Diamonds Body Minerals - This Amazing Powder Bronzer important and significant events.
 New laws Beauty 2008

Rule 5: to grow eyebrows

 New laws Beauty 2008

Wide, thick eyebrows - the latest emerging trend that can be traced all the models shows spring / summer 2008. But they still need to form a neat, so plucking the inevitable.

Rule 6: start crimping your hair

 New laws Beauty 2008

At the shows Spring / Summer straightening irons have been replaced by the tool 80 - curlers.

Rule 7: Do not throw away your eyeliner

 New laws Beauty 2008

Flash fifties there has been in this area - circled smoky eyes in fashion again - but, due to the summer season, fashion designers on such shows as Anna Sui and Alberto Ferreti change black to blue. For such rock 'n' roll image, try to bring the upper and lower eyelids pencil Estee Lauder's Limited Edition Artist's Eye Pencil, color Newport Blue.