Oriental patterns - Henna Tattoo
 MAGICAL attractiveness gentle female hands not only provides soft skin, but also the mysterious figures that in the East have mystical significance.

The art of body painting with henna has a traditional religious, domestic and social significance. But at the present time in Russia and in the West drawing on the body - just an aesthetic element, which offers bolshinsvo perform aesthetic studios. However, recipes and techniques have remained unchanged praktichenski. The most striking patterns are obtained on the hands and feet, but the image can be performed in any other place - on the shoulder, abdomen, back, ankle. Unlike permanent tattoos, drawings, applied henna hold from several weeks to 2-3 months, gradually washed out.

Depending on various other natural dyes, one can achieve a more intense hue. According to ancient Moroccan recipe for the preparation of the ink you need henna paste, a cup of strong brewed black tea currently, 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, who had specifically lay in the sun about 12 hours. Tea with lemon juice bring almost to a boil and dilute henna powder, which is ground thoroughly before adding to the dye in the paste had no lumps.

Brewing henna powder, red wine or beet juice gives the figure of reddish-burgundy shade, and chamomile broth - gold. Dark red or brown tint may happen if the pasta add 2 teaspoons of ground coffee.

The body is to spray pattern should be carefully prepared. Since hair dyed stronger and faster than the skin before the procedure to do hair removal - or hairs can be painted in a dark color. Before applying the paint skin desirable to treat the olive oil that promotes deeper penetration of the coloring pigment. Before the procedure, it is desirable to test for the absence of an allergic reaction - apply a little paste on the skin near the elbow. But, as a rule, natural dyes few people there is an allergy.

Before application to the skin finished ink paste is cooled. To draw in India and the Arab countries, a traditional instrument - a thin stick "miswak". When applied as drying the finished picture should be wet pad soaked in a mixture of lemon and sugar to dry out the paint is not crumbling. The thicker layer of paint and the longer it dries, the richer will be the color pattern. Heat can make the color deeper, so the finished drawing, you can dry the special device, as is done in salons or hair dryer at home, only to make sure that the stream of air is not too strong, otherwise it can blow away the paint. Once the paint is dry, sweeping brush henna carefully, but do not rinse. Then wipe the place of drawing eucalyptus or almond oil, which give the tattoo gloss.

It should be noted that the orange-brown color pattern is only the beginning, the real color will appear only in a day. Also in the first days after the tattooing should be avoided visiting the baths and saunas, you can not lather tattoo - can be only lightly rinse with water.

Fashion is constantly changing in the drawings. What are popular delicate flowery patterns, then they are replaced by wider lines and colors. Especially attractive look henna patterns formed on the shoulder, on the wrists, ankles or neck. In the picture you can express your personality, your mood, your perception of the world. So go for it!
Author: Inna Sedykh