Piercing - the art of body decoration
 Piercing - piercing is not just his body in every conceivable field, is first of all decorative arts.

Piercing (from Eng. Pierce - «perforate") - an ear piercing, eyebrow, tongue, wings, nose, brow, lips, chin, nipples, navel, genitals and other body parts Earrings (piers) of surgical steel. Subsequently decorations can be inserted from gold, silver, titanium, zirconium, niobium, but in any case not from nickel, copper and other base metal.

Piercing has a history if not with the same time as a tattoo (not less than 10 thousand years), approximately from the same place - from the African continent, from the islands of Polynesia, South and North America. In ancient times, the piercing procedure granted special, even sacred meaning. American Indians pierced earlobes to demonstrate belonging to a certain tribe. In ancient Rome the harsh warriors legionaries pierced nipples, in order to temper the character, to show their bravery and courage, and even the rings to fasten their cloaks (tunic). In India and Nepal still made pass through the ring in the nose. A punctured stomach ancient Egyptian pointed out that its owner - a free citizen.

Piercing in men and women in South-East Asia, Siberia, medieval Europe - the hunters, merchants, women of easy virtue. Earrings were worn for beauty, for the special designation, as well as to "rainy day" soldiers or sailors - if the sailor died in a distant land, the cost of gold earrings and stones he could, at least a decent burial.

Western civilization has long and persistently resisted the idea of ​​body modification, considering them something which is against human nature. However, in the 20th century it reached its peak piercing. Decorative body piercing lost its religious meaning and plays a role of decoration. Today, however, this procedure is perfected, and the selection of jewelry is so wide that sometimes it is difficult to stop the choice on one thing.

Types of piercings

Piercing can be done almost anywhere on the body where the skin is easy to assemble in a fold or where part of the body makes natural curve. Most people pierced: ears, eyebrows, nose, tongue, lips, nipples, navel, genitals.

Punctures in the nose and earlobes heal about 10 days. Next on the healing time is the upper part of the ear - 1 month. All other types of body piercing to heal for at least 8 weeks.

Technique procedure

Body piercing is best done by a specialist in the cabin: there, at least sterilize decoration and advise. The total cost of the procedure consists of the price of jewelry and the wizard.

The procedure itself is simple at first glance. First held three times antiseptic treatment of the skin in the area of ​​manipulation of iodine solution. Further, the piercing area is wiped swab dipped in alcohol. Decoration of the procedure is also disinfected. Need decorations sterilization in an autoclave sterilizer ultraviolet, in a hot air oven or a special sterilizing solution.

Piercing - instant procedure, the pain is almost not felt during the puncture are asked to take a breath. You concentrate on the breath, and almost do not feel pain. Navel - the only place on the body where subcutaneous require anesthesia using 2% aqueous solution of lidocaine. It made two shots - for the upper inlet and a lower outlet needle. Pain occurs almost instantly.

Special marker marked entry and exit points of the future of the channel, which should correspond to the selected decoration. Then, at the point marked the final superimposed clip. Puncture produced matched the diameter of the needle, which connects the two fixed target point. Navel piercing is done from the bottom up. After the puncture is made, the clamp is removed and the tail portion of the needle set decoration. The needle is then pulled out and decoration takes its place. When it is bleeding puncture area treated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Before healing necessarily excluded any trauma and stress on this area.

Accessories for piercing

For each part of the body it recommended an anatomically favorable form of jewelry.

• The navel - curved in the shape of a banana - the so-called banana-Belz. Due to its shape is ideally suited to the decoration of the body in anatomical terms, and is considered the least traumatic in forming pirsingovy channel. In second place are the rings, in most cases with a variety of decorative pendants.

• For the nipple of the breast - a ring with a diameter of 10 mm to 20 mm or a rod - straight average of the two balls on the ends of a length of 10-12 mm.

• For selected eyebrow ring with a diameter of 7-9 mm and a length of 6-9 mm rod.

• For the wing of the nose to create a special form pier seating on the inside by means of a flat curl, which does not disturb the physiological functions of the nose.

• the lips are put on the ring diameter of 9-11 mm or carnations Labret which externally has the shape of a ball or a cone, and from the oral cavity is atraumatic hemisphere.

• The language set 18-20 mm long rod, which then changes after the disappearance of edema on the shorter, typically up to 15 mm.

Great selection of jewelry and the materials from which they are manufactured from various precious metals to wood and bone. However, all these delights are better left for later, when punctures heal. As fresh puncture, first it is necessary to insert the pier of surgical steel which contains nickel and prevents allergic reactions. Suit and ornaments made of titanium or niobium - materials are also well-proven in medicine.

Contraindications to piercing

• Epilepsy and mental disorders.

• Head injuries.

• Menstruation.

• Diseases of the blood.

• Allergies to metals.

• Congenital heart, kidneys and other organs.

• Bronchial asthma.

• Chronic diseases.

• Rheumatism.

• Systemic diseases.

• Skin diseases.

• Pregnancy.

• The tendency to keloid formation.

Care after the procedure

- In the first week after the piercing you want to exclude a swimming pool, steam room, sauna, solarium, sunbathing, gym. Let's say only a light shower.

- It is necessary to keep the puncture site clean and dry.

- Protect the puncture wound healing ointment.

- In no case does not remove the decoration from unhealed wounds, it can lead to getting infections.

- In addition, various psychotropic substances, alcohol, lack of sleep, fatigue and stress influence the healing process.

- If there was swelling, redness appeared, violations of diction, it is recommended that a diet consisting of non-acute pureed food is not too hot or cold.

- Clean the punctured tongue and teeth must be 2-3 times a day with toothpaste and rinse sugar brine.

The effects of body piercing

At any time, you can get rid of boring you to decorate. But, unfortunately, it is impossible to restore the full integrity of damaged skin. Even when the piercing heal, it will not recover its former circulation and nerve endings. In addition, people who have been subjected piercer suffer from nervous disorders, blurred vision, sensory loss, and organ infections.
Author: Inna Sedykh