Salon Jacques Dessanzha
 In this section we will try to show the most famous in the world of beauty salons as they are.

To do this, one of our journalists, posing as an ordinary visitor to, the most famous walks in beauty salons and institutes, then to honestly and openly tell about their feelings.

Let's start with the French - because the French on their territory will not argue - in the world of eternal beauty are the legislators.

Jacques Dessange actually kuafer hairdresser. But there are also beauty salons and Jacques Dessanzha. In which - if you believe the presentation text - use of new unique technologies in the struggle for youth and beauty. Sounds, as always, is very tempting. That's where I sent my feet.

 Dessange Salon

In one of the most prestigious areas of the bourgeois of Lyon on the Avenue Foch, everything as it should be: the shining mirrors, light aromas of coffee and spirits, unobtrusive girl in the reception desk. And here is the director of Monsieur Jean-Yves ladder. The handsome man! Maintained and vyloschen to each cell. He personally told me that a "Day of Beauty" in their Salon. (The procedure is not cheap - lasts two days and costs about 500 euros, so the honor and respect each client the Beauty of the Day)

This procedure includes:
- Work on each part of the body - from head to toe. Honestly a lot of this in the program, which will freeze the soul of every woman, for example, from the procedure, "skulpturiruyuschey body combined with oriental massage in rose petals" ... (I have long noticed that in the preparation of such texts the authors prospectuses often goes high poetic style.)

I, unfortunately, there is now six hours to spare, so we agree that I shall try to imagine something one. For example - I randomly selected from the prospectus here it is:
"Skin Master - exclusive Dessange technique used to rejuvenate the skin and prevent aging results are impressive!

 Dessange Salon

The device attaches to the facial skin stimulation real grind with erased wrinkles with a gentle effect of velor. Individual approach "
Rise in secret - in fact, a beauty institute, which is located on the second floor. A dozen little study, cleanliness and equipment resembling expensive clinic.

I was invited to one of them, leave a change of clothes and ask - put on a snow-white robe and snuggles in a chair under the dim light scattered ...

Light music and manipulation of my face masseuse, relieving makeup hinder me to focus on their own feelings (to be described later in detail for all the visitors of our website), but I try to remember everything as it should be.

It turns unit and soft waves falling on my face for a long time and treats skin. The assistant explains that now is the process of removing old and dead cells of the upper layer of the skin. The unit operates for a long time - do I have so many old and dead cells on the face and neck? / I use active creams that promise too, "texture update" ... /

Half an hour later the procedure is replaced by another called "Muskulyatsiya" - that is, electrical muscle stimulation, supporting the face, which "makes the line a perfect oval." The apparatus quietly buzzes pleasant feeling, but the fact that this procedure can replace a facelift with a scalpel, as something not very veritsya- always seems to be the most effective means is that for which you need to pay in blood.

In the mirror I can not look, because the procedure is immediately replaced drugoy- gidropiling that, as stated in the prospectus, completely renews the skin, then quickly - morphosculptural procedure - a unique, distinctly "redraw" the person and morfoliss Morpholift - smoothing and toning skin.

Loads were strong, because the next day the facial muscles ache as body aches sometimes after a good fitness session.

By the way, I was able to elicit the secret: the age of the director of the gangplank! Messier 50, and he looks no more than 35. "Well, of course, probably just sitting on these devices! "- I commented on this fact (to be honest, just envious of well-groomed blond and handsome man) and asked him to say a few words for the readers mycharme

- In fact, Russian women are very beautiful nature, but today is also important style and care. Agree groomed beautiful lady loses to the average merit, which has style and chic. I think that our institution could help a lot of beauty. You know, we do not need advertising - we have five salons in Moscow, and every huge queue (incredible, but often women are the night from Friday to Saturday to record on one of the days of the week!). Every day, all over the world visit our stores about 50 000 clients, among which the most stellar names.

  With all due respect to Monsieur the ladder, I can not believe that Russian women are crowded at night at the door of any kind was salons in Moscow. It could be five years ago, when Russia conquered foreign kuaferami and cosmetologists. Today, these stories become, apparently, the professional legend circulating in the Jacques Dessange salons association.

But to argue I did not want - I transferred the pleasure of procedures tuned me in peace, good-natured way.
Author: Tatiana AMIS