Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 1
 The most striking trends of the new season.

Purple shadows

Use more than one shade to stay this spring at the height of fashion. Layering a slightly different shades of purple shadows give you a more complex image, says the famous makeup artist Jeanine Lobell (Jeannine Lobell), which created the image of Olivia Wilde (Olivia Wilde), photograph.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 1

"Sometimes the shadows appear dark and smoky, and sometimes - a purple", - she added. Lobell used two very pale shade of purple from the palettes of shadows Chanel's Quadra shade Stage Lights eyelids Olivia. Then she has made up the upper and lower lashes deep plum shade. Finally, with a dry brush, she struck another very dark shadow over the upper layer of the century, into the fold.

Try mosaic shadows Chanel quadra eye shadow shade Stage Lights

Pink lips

Control your shades. When choosing pink own skin use as a guiding principle, says Lobell. Pink skin tone match pink and blue hues. Yellowish suitable warm bronze. "If you are not ready for such a brightness, choose a lipstick with a light, glossy texture", - she added. For Wilde Lobell used lipstick YSL Rouge Pure color Pink Orchid, pink with azure echo.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 1

Since the arch lips and moving toward the edges, she used a brush to the lips, to apply two coats of color.

Try: lipstick shade YSL Rouge Pure Pink Orchid

Green shade

  Experiment - and you'll find a shade that's right for you. Lobell basic rule: the deeper your skin tone, the darker the green must be: a rich emerald - for dark skin, bright kelly or aqua - for a pale complexion.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 1

The color chosen correctly, "if it does not disappear into your skin does not get lost in it," says Lobell, who picked up Urban Decay Loose Pigment shade Graffiti for Wilde.

Try the shadow Urban Decay Loose Pigment shade Graffiti

Coral Bay

Pick up a pencil that matches the color of your lips, instead of lipstick. "The liner or pencil is supposed to adjust and fill lips in those places where it is needed," - says Lobell using Estée Lauder Lip Shaping Gloss pencil in Sheer Pink No. 02 on the outer edges of the lips and around the arches.

 Spring-summer trends 2008 Part 1

Make sure the pencil is light, creamy. Dry, pigmented formula would create "unnatural" effect.

Try pencil Estee lauder Lip Shaping Gloss shade Sheer Pink No. 02
Author: Ann, New York