Time to collect stones - Stone Therapy
 Treatment for stones - a unique procedure which will give you health and harmony of body and soul.

Even in ancient times people are endowed with magical properties of stones and believed that they have the energy, which helps to meet the desires, to protect from troubles and evil forces, to heal, to give a long youth. Ancient physicians passed on their knowledge from generation to generation, of which stone to use at a particular disease, as every natural mineral carries the energy, which is interacting with the person, can have a positive impact and bring harmony in human life.

It is now widely used stone therapy .  Treatment for stones - a fairly new method in our country, but for the past several centuries, known in the East, where they still believe in the magical power of stones .  This area was officially recognized and in great demand not only in beauty salons, but also in the majority of medical centers .  Now apply various massage techniques with stones .  Shape, gender and color of the stone is chosen depending on massage techniques and the work of the body - the face, ears, hands, feet, legs, back .  But first adapted to European stone therapy technique developed by members of the American Association of Masseurs, Mary Nelson Hennigan .  The philosophy of the modern stone-therapy based on elements of the Icelandic, ancient Christian and Indian cultures .  In my practice, the doctor uses a hot stone 54, 18 cold stones and one stone at room temperature .  The stone therapy "is used basalt (hot stones) and marble (cold stones) . 

However, it is now very common for stone therapy procedures using jadeite - strong group mineral pyroxene (NaAl [Si2O6]) different shades of green and absolutely non-radioactive (radioactivity indicators comparable to the milk) .  Legends and myths about this stone go around the world .  For example, the Maya appreciated jadeite is more precious than gold and all the precious stones .  In China and Japan jadeite itself could afford only know .  The emperors of these countries were of jade jewelry, slept on jadeite pillows and ate from jadeite dishes .  This stone is considered a powerful talisman and a wonderful medicine .  In ancient Mexico jadeite it was considered a means of fleeing from deadly diseases .  Empirically, it has been proved that jadeite strengthens the nervous system, blood pressure levels, making it more elastic blood vessels, improves blood, treats kidney and urinary tract .  Moreover, heated stone, these properties are enhanced . 

Before you start a session stone therapy, you smear aromatic oils that will allow you to relax before the procedure, and only then will move stones .  Stones of different sizes spread on the active points of the entire body, from the toes to the eyes .  The remaining surface is free from stones massage .  First, it is a regular massage, then proper massage stones, heated to a temperature of 40 degrees (in tropical countries warm stones on the Sun (in this case the possible synergistic effect of the combination and Stone-heliotherapy) in countries where the weather conditions are not so soft, warm stones special heaters) .  The heat from these stones can penetrate to a depth of up to 4 centimeters .  During the procedure, stone therapy increases blood flow to the painful area, the cells begin to work harder, and blood and lymph carry toxins and wastes .  Simultaneously, tissue enriched with oxygen .  Duration of treatment stone therapy - 45 minutes to an hour and a half . 

Stone therapy is most effective for stress, depression, general relaxation of the body. In the human body there are sensitive areas and biologically active points by acting on that stones can cure some diseases, including those associated with neurological disorders.

Very simply, you can use stone therapy and independently for a total body toning chronic fatigue syndrome, hypotension, with lingering colds or other illnesses, stress, Stone Therapy calm nerves before performances, or talk with the boss. For this massage the palm stones jasper, turquoise, amber - put them in the palm, cover the other hand and produce motion clockwise twenty minutes. If a slow pace and pressure without the express, there will come a calm and in a fast and with pressure - toning.

Stone therapy - bioenergetic massage stones and minerals - a delightful procedure caressing you from head to toe! Stone therapy - a procedure that allows to find harmony with the environment and get a taste of life. Stone therapy is better to try once than a hundred times to see!
Author: Inna Sedykh